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LG DLG2526W gas

by Lisa

My fiance just bought me this dryer, I absolutely love it! It is so quiet and has the ability of drying large loads without taking up much space in my small home, which is great when I dry my comforters and other large items.

It can be paired with a stackable washer but my washer was fine,so maybe in the future I will get the washer too. I stayed with the gas dryer because I prefer natural gas over electric and my old dryer was gas as well. This dryer has five different temp settings and five cycle settings which are great which is a great energy savings.

I do not have any young children but those that do would find the child safety lock on the door a great feature. Oh and the other great thing about the door is it's reversable, I probably never would have known but since I have such a small house we did have to utilize that feature! I have never owned an LG large appliance but so far I really am happy with this one. I have only owned it a month but so far I don't have anything negative to say.

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Loading Type Front Load
Fuel Type Electric
Color White
Drum Material Alloy Coated
Control Type Electronic Control Panel with Dial-A-Cycle™
Capacity 7.0 Cu. Ft.
Timed Dry 60 min., 50 min., 40 min., 30 min., 20 min., More Time/Less Time
Temperature Options High, Medium High, Medium, Low, Ultra Low
Drying System Sensor Dry System, Wrinkle Care
No. of Cycles 5
Cycles Cotton/Towels, Normal,Delicates, Speed Dry, Air Dry
MISC LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation, 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty 
Special Features Stackable with Matching Washerm Optional Matching Drawer Pedestal, Child Lock, 3 Way Venting, Drum Light, Reversible Door

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Jan 12, 2009
Saves us a ton of money
by: Karen Sanderson

With the economy in the state that it is in, cutting costs at any turn is gift. When my dryer went the way of the 8 track player, lol, I didn't just rush out and buy any random one on sale.

I decided that this time, I would do a little research and see if I couldn't save my family some money, as well as have less negative impact on the environment in the long run. That's when I came across this, the LG - DLG2526W gas dryer.

The most amazing feature that I think this dryer has to offer, is an automatic shut off when the clothes are actually dried, not fried. The fact that it uses gas over electricity saves us a ton on our monthly bills. And due to it's temp controls and drying levels offering you 5 different settings each. It gets the job done in half the time of our old dryer.

Another amazing added bonus is that you can purchase a stacking kit after market for this dryer. Which means that in order to optimize space, which what family doesn't want to do that? You can stack your current washer on top of your dryer and still have access to both.

I also love the window feature, it helps to remind me to get the load that I have just done out. Things tend to get a little hectic with 3 kids running around, so it's easy for the laundry to get lost in the mix. With the window, all I have to do is be chasing my 2 year old down the hall and notice that I have forgotten to take the dry clothes out of the dryer in order to put the wet ones in!

Overall the LG - DLG2526W dryer may seem a little pricey at first, but through time, it will save you way more than you will ever know!

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