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LG DLE7177 Electric Dryer

by Crystal
(North Carolina, US)

My family and I decided to purchase the LG DLE7177 dryer as a set when our Kenmore washer and dryer stopped working. We chose LG because the store that we purchased from had a great variety of LG products. The price was also very affordable for our budget. In addition, all of the consumer reports online voted the dryer as one of the top appliances.

One of my favorite features of the dryer, which prompted me to buy it, was the pedestals. It helps keep me from bending over and unloading or loading the clothing. The pedestals do cost extra but they are worth it for the price, and you can purchase the pedestals in different colors.

The model that I have also has a drying rack, a rotary dial, and a side-opening door. The dryer that was slightly more advanced than the one I chose had an LCD screen, but for the price, I needed efficiency instead of style.

The dryer has many drying options, such as “bulky”, “cotton”, “delicate”, and even a “freshen up” setting. You can also personalize how many minutes you want the dryer to run.

My favorite feature about this dryer was how quiet it was while running. I have small children at home, and the dryer does not disturb them in the next room. You can barely hear the dryer at all. I highly recommend the LG DLE7177 for all households.

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Apr 13, 2010
Doesn't live up to reputation
by: Anonymous

We purchased our LG clothes dryer in conjunction with the LG DLE7177RM washing machine. Overall, I would rate this dryer a three out of five possible points. We were disappointed in the performance of the dryer compared to how well the matched washer works. There are some great things about the dryer that we like. It is very spacious and can hold a lot of clothing. I have placed large blankets in it with plenty of room to spare. The machine runs quiet and that is a plus. It features a timer with a chiming type alert when clothes are finished drying. There are some negatives to this dryer that would make me think twice before I would recommend or purchase this machine again. Many times the dryer signals the clothes are dry, when in fact, they are not. There is a damp dry setting, but I am not referring to that type of setting. I think this may be a minor flaw with the sensors or the unit itself.

This may not seem like a big con of the dryer, but when paying for a top tier clothes dryer, one does not expect annoyances such as these. The dryer comes with a rack to place inside the drum if drying something that should not tumble inside the unit (shoes, delicate type clothing). Installing the rack does not take a rocket scientist but I find it rather cumbersome getting it in place.

Overall, this is an average clothes dryer that does not live up to its counterpart performance.

Apr 24, 2009
Won't wake the kids up - nice and quiet
by: Michelle

This was the first "nice" dryer we ever bought. I was skeptical that it would be much better than other dryers that we had in the past, but boy was I wrong! This is one cool dryer. Definitely worth the extra expense.

First, it actually gets things dry. Unlike some older dryer models that work solely on time, you can set this dryer to keep on drying until things are actually dry. However, the standard setting for drying are usually fine for most normal sized loads, and normal sized loads for us are pretty big (kids make a lot of laundry!)

Second, things come out of this dryer looking better than they did out of our old dryer. This has meant much less ironing. It must be something about the way that it spins or the temperature, but it really does make the clothes look better. I also think in the long run it saves on wear and tear of your clothing, so maybe it will last longer. What a great side benefit!

Third, it is really quiet. Our other dryer used to sound like an airplane was about to take off, but this spins with a nice quiet hum. Also the buzzer (which used to scare the heck out of me on our old dryer--BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!) is a nice pleasant ding. So I can run the dryer when the kids are napping and I don't worry that it is going to wake them up.

I have not yet been able to use all its features but the ones that I have used have been great. The quick dry and the freshen up cycles work well, as does the "damp" buzzer if you want to take things out before they are totally dry.

Overall, I would say that this is an excellent dryer. I am very happy with our experience with it so far.

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