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by joe

I have the LG DLE2516W it was a gift from my brother in law and I never thought in a million years I would own a LG dryer. Much less did i know they made dryers. But i love the LG, a large capacity dryer so i can throw in all the bed sheets and have a little extra more for a few pairs of jeans.

I am not a laundry type person, in fact it it took a while to really learn how to separate and then pre-wash. But that's beside the point the once its washed the LG drys it like a champ. I almost never get wet or even damp clothes back. The fact that its electric doesn't really mean much to me but i know it works.

And it doesn't make a lot of noise at all sometimes i think its done when it still running. And as of yet i haven't had a problem with it. No need for a repair guy at my place. But I can say i have seen some dryers that have some cool features and this one isn't one of them but i can't complain. It does what it is supposed to do and it does it well.

I found out how much it was after i got it and its not to pricey but i know i would really give it a thought before i bought it. But then again it was a gift and i love my dryer. Even if it does look a bit old fashioned, that's a part of the charm.

All and all its once of the best dryers i have used and i have been to plenty of apartments in my younger years and had some really bad dryer that doesn't even live up to the name dryer. And this one sure isn't one of them.

And sure you could find a more feature full dryer, than this down to basic but it hasn't fallen apart after all the beating I've given it and i dry everything from my shoes to cell phone when it gets wet and its still running.

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Loading Type Front Load
Fuel Type Electric
Color White
Drum Material Alloy Coated
Control Type Electronic Control Panel with Dial-A-Cycle™
Capacity 7.0 Cu. Ft. Ultra Capacity
Timed Dry 60 min., 50 min., 40 min., 30 min., 20 min., More Time/Less Time
Temperature Options High, Medium High, Medium, Low, Ultra Low
Drying System Sensor Dry System, Wrinkle Care Cycle
No. of Cycles 5
Cycles Cotton/Towels, Normal,Delicates, Speed Dry, Air Dry
MISC LoDecibel™ Quiet System, 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty 
Special Features Precise Temperature Control with Variable Heater, Child Lock, 4 Way Venting, Drum Light, Reversible Door

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Feb 05, 2011
If only I could see the controls
by: Anonymous

Lettering on controls on this machine began disappearing shortly after purchase. LG considers this cosmetic - not critical to operating the machine. Poor quality and poor service.

May 17, 2009
When it's on, you almost don't know it's there
by: Daria

This is the first LG dryer that I've purchased, but it certainly won't be the last. It does everything that the manufacturer tells you it's going to do, and we have never, ever had a problem with it. It's very quiet, too, which is great because I have young twins and in our small house things do need to be quiet during their naptime.

The controls are streamlined, simple, and easy to use. I didn't feel like I had to constantly have the manual open to figure out what to do with this thing. It dries impressively; my clothes are always perfectly dry and never damp or mildewy. This dryer has a "sensor dry" feature that senses when your clothes are dry; that's probably why you never have to guess at how long to run the dryer. It just knows! Furthermore, what's impressive is how QUICKLY it dries loads, even heavy loads like towels and comforters! About a half an hour on the medium setting is all it takes, versus some other models I've owned which took literally hours to dry loads like this!

The alarm has several volume settings, and it easy to hear over the hubub of a busy household. It's also possible to program different settings into the machine so each time you do a load you don't have to press eighty gajillion buttons.

This dryer also saves us money on our energy bill; it's Energy Star rated for efficiency, which was attractive to both me and my husband.
We also enjoy the fact that, unlike other front-load dryers we've owned, this one doesn't shake and rattle noisily and it doesn't "walk" all over the house. It's much more stable than older models, and even when it's on, you almost don't know that it's there. Do yourself a favor and get one!

May 05, 2009
Not many features
by: amit

I was thinking of buying a new clothes dryer for my house as the old one was not working properly which I bought about just 2 years back. So, this time I really wanted to assure that I get the best clothes dryer which i can afford. For this I searched on the Internet in order to get the best model and not like the one I had earlier. I even asked some of the peoples who are in this business and they suggested me LG DLE2516W which is a very good clothes dryer in an affordable price.

It is a very good clothes dryer and since I have bought this dryer I have not regretted a single day over any of its problem. LG products are always known for there performance and reliability and this model of clothes dryer is no way different.

This has got a lot of good features and is really easy to use. It is not really very large in size with a dimensions of 27 in x 29.6 in x 39 in and can easily be moved from one place to the other. This is a very good dryer in the mid-sized range with lots of facilities like Wrinkle care option , Stackable , Moisture sensor , End of cycle signal , Interior light , Reversible door hinge. It is large enough to dry the clothes of a large family. It has many drying programs like Normal, Air dry, Delicate, Speed dry, Wrinkle care, Cotton/towels etc.

Other than this it is very reliable product and is very quiet at the time of working. It has got very fast drying cycles due to which it dries the clothes very fast and as told earlier it has got a very large capacity. Not as many features as compared to the other dryers available in the market.

Apr 20, 2009
My LG was a life saver
by: Anonymous

The present LG clothes dryer that I use is just simply phenomenal. I bought the dryer about a year ago and I have been pleased ever since. I underestimated it at first because it didn't look like some of the other dryers that appear as if they have come out of the future. I saw that there were good reviews about this dryer on a lot of websites, so we made up our mind that we would give it a try.

This was the first dryer that I have ever bought, since I had rented them before which got to be far too expensive. I was paying about $20 per unit per month and it got to be out of control. The quality was horrible and they were beyond ugly. It would take at least 2 maybe even 3 cycles to dry a full load.

My LG was a life saver. There were so many mornings where I would be running late all because my clothes weren't dry thanks to them not drying the night before and me falling asleep during the first cycle. Not only can my dryer now dry a much bigger load because of the size of the dryer, but it always finishes in just one cycle and even will let you know when your clothes are dry, because of a sensor they have installed in it. This comes in handy when I don't want to abuse sensitive materials that I often wear, and sometimes ruin. Also, I live in Florida so it is not comfortable if you pull a scolding hot shirt out of the dryer and put it on when the temperature is over 90 degrees outside.

The last thing that I can think of that I love about it is how quiet it is. My washer and dryer room is right next to my bedroom and I was never able to sleep because of how noisy my old one was. I am a very sensitive sleeper and appreciate how quiet my LG dryer is. It hasn't shown any sign of wear or tear and I hope to enjoy it for years to come.

Apr 07, 2009
It's a no brainer!
by: Anonymous

Clothes dryers are just that, clothes dryers right? At least that's what I thought for most of my life. Anything is better than hanging stuff on a line to dry! My best friend on the world, who tends to be very passionate about a good deal or product when she finds one, changed my whole theory in almost an instant.

Her clothes dryer had kicked the bucket recently, and she and her husband went out in search of a new one. I suggested that they just look into classified ads and get one second hand, but she insisted that it was time to step into the 21st century and man up with a brand new store bought model.

I admit, at first I scoffed at their choice to just toss money away, but after seeing the new LG DLE2516W in action just once, let’s just say, I'm a true believer! This amazing little machine, just 7 cubic feet, can handle industrial sized family loads with ease! My friend said that she looked into a few models with a steam feature, and then realized why? Most experts are even saying that the feature is a "cute" add on but in actuality does little to nothing for the clothing cycle itself. Sort of like having seat warmers in your car in Florida.

The LG DLE2516W is quiet as a mouse, which means life and conversation doesn't have to revolve around when your clothes are drying, and the LG brand is more than known in the industry for being a trustworthy and reliable quality product. Plus, to top it off, while the dryer itself isn't cheap per say, it wont break the bank either. Sitting at around $650.00, for the work it does, it's an absolute steal!

Needless to say, that soon after I saw her new magical drying machine in action, conveniently ours somehow broke down too! And with a little convincing, as well as the word of my best friend's husband to my own husband, we went right out and got the exact same model. Seriously couldn't be more pleased with this decision. Saves time, money but best of all, actually drys the clothes I put in it.

Feb 10, 2009
Dries really large loads
by: Patty Buonaiuto

Last May my husband and I brought this LG electric dryer model DLE 2516W and I would have to say it is probably one of the best dryers I have had. I absolutely love this dryer, you can put a large load of clothes in it and everything comes out dry.

I think that the front loading machines are a lot better it is easier to put clothes in the dryer . The clothes come out less wrinkled and smelling great. We had a whirlpool dryer for the last 10 years and it was a good dryer But I think that the LG Dryers are a better buy because they are more economical on the electricity. They have a lot of settings on this dryer.

There is a setting for a normal load of clothes, cotton and towels, delicate clothes and you can also use the manual setting. The manual setting is when you may have a load of clothes that maybe heavy like jeans and heavy sweaters.

When you are in the manual setting you can switch the temperature setting and also the time setting. For jeans and heavy sweaters I may use the manual setting so the clothes are really dry. There is also a setting when you can use if you are not gonna be around when the dryer is finished it will keep the dryer going for about another hour and a half, this is to prevent your clothes getting really wrinkled.

It really does work. So like I said I really love this dryer and it is fantastic!

Feb 10, 2009
Quiet and energy efficient
by: Anoop

I have been using the LG DLE2516W Electric Clothes Dryer for the past three months. I considered buying a washer cum dryer earlier but as I have a joint family and I wash clothes once a week so I ultimately opted for an exclusive dryer. LG, being a well-known brand name, became my first choice.

The LG service centre is quite close to my residence so I thought it would be easy to get service for my dryer in the long run. This clothes dryer has five drying programs and five temperature levels which makes it a smart choice among the other available clothes dryers.

One unique feature of this clothes dryer is that it has a smart sensor which senses the moisture content in the clothes and it automatically adjusts the temperature level and the drying time accordingly. This feature helps to utilise time more efficiently.

It is a front loading machine and it has a child lock feature which stops the children in the house to enter it and helps to avoid accidents. It also has an interior light and an air dryer option which makes drying clothes a lot more convenient and fun. Air dryer feature helps to dry the clothes at a rapid rate.

The machine is very quiet, even the buzzer has a pleasant sound. Moreover it takes far less time to dry the full load of clothes as compared to other models of different brands in the same category. It is quite energy efficient and helps to cut our electricity bill which is a big plus. One more good thing about this model is the fact that it cares for the fabric due to its great fabric care feature.

Overall I would rate this product highly as it is not that costly either and is very suitable for joint families like mine. I will recommend this product to my friends and family.

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