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LG 5.5KG Fuzzy Logic Machine

by Belinda

After moving into a flat that came with a Washing Machine, I am very much missing my old washer! We had an LG 5.5kg Fuzzy Logic machine, and it was cheap, reliable and easy to use.

We purchased it for around $500 from Harvey Norman in New Zealand, and it was easy to move into our flat (and did not mark the lino when it was moved after two years). I certainly prefer washers that do not have a middle chamber, and as such the LG required you to put the powder in a small chute up the top. I find that in doing this the clothes tangle much less, and no powder leaks out and stains clothes.

The machine we have now has a middle chamber, and aside from being totally confusing (where are you actually supposed to put the powder?!) it tends to cause great tangles and rips amongst some of my clothes, and everything comes out in a muddled mess. Although the LG machine was a little bit loud, it always let you know if anything was wrong, and it was easy to clean.

It did, however, rattle around a fair bit – if I wanted to have a bath in our bathroom, I would always wait until I had finished until I put the washing on – otherwise the noise and rattling did get a bit much!

It was economical when used on a cold wash setting – we found that our power bill stayed consistently low when we used these particular settings, although we would run a warm wash through it once every few weeks to stop it from smelling or lime scale building up. It did pick up a bit of a smell after awhile, but as I said, a warm wash seemed to alleviate this issue. It has an in built lint filter and I found this very effective at removing lint from towels, much better than the Simpson washer we have now – it would move a whole lint load full every time we washed our towels!

It kept them looking clean and new and not pilled. I think this would be the perfect washing machine for any couple or small family, however, I think if someone had more than one child (or baby!) it would not be big enough, but I do believe there is a larger model available.

It is simple enough for teenagers and children to use, and this was a great benefit to me – I purchased this washer not long after moving out of home, and had no idea what I was doing – but managed NOT to flood the house!

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Feb 01, 2012
Lint in the washing
by: Anonymous

I have had my machine for a couple of years now and all of a sudden lint all over the washing. Clean it out on a regular basis but alas the washing is covered in it.

Jun 15, 2011
water stay in the washing machine
by: ADAM

the water stay in the washing machine is it spoilt or cannot drain???
send it to my e-mail address: zhangadam231@yahoo.com

Feb 11, 2011
by: Tanya

Buying this LG Fuzzy Logic washing machine was a huge mistake. The machine leaves soap marks on the clothes and doesnt clean clothes properly. We had the rep out,he checked our instalation to be correct, told us we should try Sunlight washing powder to avoid the soap residue marks. He even gave us a soap measuring dispenser so that we definitely were using the correct quantity and were not overloading the machine. The result,a tiny improvement.
Shirt collars generally dont come out clean. We have even changed to a well known liquid washing detergent with minor improvement, yet we still have white soap residue marks on dark clothing.


Dec 30, 2010
6.5kg Fuzzy Logic
by: Anonymous

I have the Fuzzy Logic machine and I have never had such a bad washing machine in my life. I truly hate it, everything is twisted and tangled, it is ruining my clothes.My sheets are a nightmare, I would never recommend it to anyone.

Nov 19, 2009
by: Pamela

Every time I wash I get lint all over my washing, iIhave tried liquid, different powders, and cleaning the filters every wash but still I get lint on my washing, the dark clothes are the worst.

I have never had trouble with lint like this with any other washer.

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