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You can't have enough laundry tips. It is something that everyone has to do. Short of having everyone buy disposable clothing there isn't much of a chance of completely doing away this chore.

Instead of spending exorbitant amounts of time and energy doing the laundry, I’m going to suggest a few better ways to organize your laundry and a few other laundry tips that can help you with your laundry.

Enlist Assistance

No matter how old or young the other members of your family are, they can all help you with your laundry. Anywhere from putting their clothing into the proper hampers, to actually bringing the machines in doing the laundry is help and all should be welcomed.

Teach young children to put their clothing in the proper baskets as they remove them. Teach older children or even your spouse how to run the washer and dryer.

Make sure when you teach them this that you also teach them which laundry items to put into the machine as well as which laundry treatments to use. With all of the different types of soaps, bleaches, fabric softeners and the sort it can get confusing.


If you have young children and you don’t stains in their clothing, pre-treat their clothing as soon as you take them off.

If you make a habit of this you’ll find that you don’t have any stains on their clothes. Keeping the pre-treatment, whether it’s a spray or stain stick, close by the area that you undress and dress your children will help in this area.


When it comes to laundry being prepared is not only the best plan of action, it is the only hope you have if you want to cut your time spent on this chore down. The first thing we are taught when doing laundry is you have to sort your clothing.

If you mess this one up you will end up with pink boxers or worse. Everyone who thought this was just mom’s way of keeping you busy has worn blue-gray t-shirts and dingy socks and underwear. Jeans do bleed, but only for the first few times they are washed.


There are a couple ways to make your sorting simpler. The first, and my favorite, way is to organize your hampers/laundry baskets in the area you will usually be changing your clothing.

Have at least 3, preferably 5 hampers. Sort as you remove your clothing. Put your clothing directly into the hamper that holds that load. Put pictures of what goes into the different hampers up for your little ones so they can help. Your young children might not know their colors but they can follow simple instructions at 1 or 2 years old.


Separate by whites, jeans, dark colors, light colors, and bright colors or towels. You can put towels with your other clothing; some may put lint on your other laundry if they are really fuzzy.

This isn’t always an issue, after the first few times they are washed the excess fluffiness will go away and the lint won’t be as much of a problem. To save time you can put these in with your clothing instead of putting them in their own loads. This will help you to get your towels washed faster rather than waiting for a full load of towels.

Reduce the amount of sorting you have to do by combining your light colors with your whites if you’re not going to bleach to load. You can also put your brighter colors together with some of the darker colors as long as they are not new.

Once you’ve washed an article of clothing two or three times it’s not going to bleed anymore. If you’re concerned about your clothing bleeding you can treat it with vinegar and that will set the dye.


This is an important laundry tip. When it comes to folding laundry if you let your clothing sit in a basket after drying you will end up with wrinkles. You need to fold your laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer. And you need to remove it from a drawer promptly. But, there are ways of saving time, and cutting a couple of steps out as well.

First not everything has to be folded. It’s obvious that you wouldn’t fold you want your dresses or pair of slacks or blouse. What many people don’t stop to think it is you don’t need to fold underwear you don’t need to fold small children shirts.

Instead these items can be laid out flat in a neat pile in the bottom of a dresser drawer. If you have a specific place to put each item as soon as it is washed and dried to have a better chance of getting things put away also. So organization is the key.

Put Away

If you start off the laundry...... finish it! Make sure that you put away any clothing that you’ve washed and dried otherwise for libel to end up back in the dirty laundry before anyone wears them.

You can also put away your child’s school clothing when they get home or the suit that you were to work or even the dress that you were to church. Not all clothes need to be washed just because you put them on.

If you’ve got a teenager that tried on 14 outfits before going to school you don’t need to wash all 14 outfits. Underwear needs to be washed every time it’s worn. Because we’re wearing underwear are outer clothing doesn’t necessarily need to be washed every time.

You can get away with assessing the cleanliness of your clothing and then washing when it is in fact dirty. Genes can be worn 2 to 3 times before they need to be washed. Your church dress can be worn for several hours before you need to worry about putting it in the laundry.

Your suit jacket can be taken to the cleaners after being worn several times. Instead of having these things tossed aside they should all be put away.

Putting in a little forethought and a little effort into your laundry will decrease the amount of work that you have to do considerably. Enlisting the assistance of your family will also decrease the amount of work do you have to do and increase productivity in the laundry room.

We hope these laundry tips make your life a little bit easier!

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