Laundry Decorating Ideas

The laundry area of most homes for years was typically located in the basement, where it was out of sight and pretty much just a utility area.

However, homes on the market today locate the laundry room on the main floor or upstairs and it is usually a room seen on a daily basis by most families.

A once neglected area of the home is now a room that can add beauty and value to a home if it is tastefully decorated.

Make your laundry room your very own and incorporate not only what you need in there to accomplish getting your clothes and linens clean, but some things you enjoy seeing every day as well.

This is one room of the house where you can feel free to use color and accessories not seen anywhere else in your home.

As with any other room in the home, a fresh coat of paint does wonders for a laundry room.

However, before you paint, you'll need to decide on what theme or style of décor you're going to use in the laundry room.

Once that is decided, colors and styles of items will naturally fall into place.

Here are some popular laundry room themes:

Nautical theme

– this is fun and easy to do in either a small or large laundry room. Paint colors could be anything from bright white, aqua blue, or sea blue. Choose a canvas hamper that features navy and white stripes. Use boats, lighthouses, anchors, seagulls, a clock shaped like a ship captain's wheel, and prints or pictures of ships or waves.

Vintage/Retro Theme

– choose metal signs painted in muted colors. An old washboard or a replica of one on the wall makes for a fantastic centerpiece for the room. Detergent signs, soap tins, large clothespins, and hooks with retro themes all lend a nostalgic feel to the room.

Garden theme

– folks who enjoy the outdoors and just can't stand being inside doing the laundry might want to consider a garden/outdoor theme. A bright yellow on the wall and accessories featuring flowers, plants, and trees are great choices. If you have the space, hang a few real or artificial plants to add dimension and color.

Beach theme

– a great paint color for this theme is a light sand color. Use bright splashes of color such as bright blue laundry hooks or posters on the wall that reflect a beach or ocean scene. Make a collage of your own shells against netting in a shadow box for a personal touch.

Rustic theme

– use wood accents if you like a rustic/country theme. Wood shelving complete with wicker baskets with fabric linings or wood crates are perfect for holding essential items

Organization is key to the laundry area. Include items such as foldout drying racks, shelving, hanging racks, hooks, baskets, rolling carts, and hampers to make the space user-friendly.

Store your ironing board, iron and distilled water on a wall rack that is out of the way, but handy too.

Choose items that not only add to your themed décor, but that will enable you to work efficiently in your laundry area. If you are blessed with windows in your space, choose coordinating curtains or valances.

If you have a folding table with space underneath, consider rolling carts doubling as hampers or storage for detergents, stain removers and dryer sheets.

No matter what theme you choose for your laundry room, make sure you have adequate lighting. The space should be bright and cheery, not dingy and dark.

Consider adding a television or a radio in the space if you tend to fold and sort your clothes and linens in that space. The children might even pitch in to help fold!

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