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Kiss lipstick good-bye!

by Tami

Pour liquid laundry detergent directly on the lipstick stain; allow to settle into the fabric for a few minutes (3-4); rub detergent into fabric; toss is wash bin and wash as usual.

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Other Ideas for Lipstick Stains
by: Anonymous

This trick does work if the detrgent is applied immediatley after the lipstick stain is created. If the lipstick has been on the clothing I have found that using Lestoil works much better and almost always gets the stain out! This trick also works for other types of stains, especially other make up stains! OxyClean does work as well, but follow the directions exactly, I was soaking a sweater in OxyClean once and it actualy ate through the stain, leaving a gaint hole!

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