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Kenstar steam iron SI 0703

by Jasmine

Kenstar is a name common while it comes to water purifier but it's product steam iron is also very good.

I earlier used a normal iron for ironing clothes (pressing clothes).That simple iron nowadays called as dry iron. In that iron I had to apply pressure for removing the wrinkles from it. And there was no choice of temperature control on it for different types of clothes.

But when i bought this kenstar steam iron SI0703 it made my work so easy and comfortable that i now enjoying ironing.

Basically it is a steam iron which is different from dry iron which i used earlier. This iron uses steam heat to press your clothes and remove wrinkles effectively. The benefits of this iron are:
(i)light weight
(iii)we need not have to press clothes for removing obstinate wrinkles.
(iv)It has a water tank that sprinkles water automatically and there is no need to sprinkle water with your hands.
(v)It has the temperature control facility.
(vi)Adjustable steam.
(vii)Non-stick coated sole plate.
(viii)steam burst.
(ix)low cost.

All these features were not present in my iron which i used earlier. The best part is the temperature control which allows you to set different temperature for different types of clothes, like silk requires less heat , cotton requires more heat. You are given choices which cloth you wanna press then you can easily adjust the heat, steam or temperature.

Next best quality is that it has non stick sole plate, which has the benefit that it does not stick to your cloth and your fabrics and delicate garments are not harmed.Third is that it sprinkles water automatically there by reducing a lot of your effort and making it more convenient.
It has also the ready light like old one which indicates or switches off when the desired temperature is reaches.

Moreover its cordless and light weight. Also you don't have to put pressure to remove wrinkles.
It is really so reliable and is giving good service and support along with style and design.
I have full of appreciation for this product because i really liked this product very much and i thank this product for making my work now far more easier.

Last but not the least the price is also less if you compare to other product. It has one year warranty as well.

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