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Kenmore White-on-white 5.8 cu. ft. Super Capacity Gas Dryer - model #9804

This super capacity gas dryer - model #9804 is a 5.8 cu. feet dryer that comes with useful features like soft heat technology and the Energy Star seal.

Key features

  • Soft heat technology prevents burning clothes by overheating at the end of the cycle by reducing the heat in the unit by 5 degree increments. This avoids the risk of unloading very hot loads straight out of the dryer.
  • Balanced drying system dries the load evenly by drawing air from the rear of the drum and circulates air evenly all throughout the load.
  • Large capacity makes washing large loads easy to do.
  • Electronic motion sensor detects the amount of moisture present in the load during auto dry cycles and turns the unit off when the load is dry to avoid overheating and burning the clothes. This also saves on money because it turns off when the unit is dry so you are not unnecessarily drying clothes that are already dry.
  • Energy Star seal saves 60% of energy and water so you save on energy and utility bills, as well as help save the environment.
  • Seven drying cycles allows you to customize your drying according to the specific type of fabric included in the load. This prevents damaging expensive fabrics like silk.
  • Adjustable dryness levels allow you to adjust the amount of moisture you want remaining in the load. For example, choose LESS DRY if you want a little bit of moisture in the load. This is good if you
    have dress shirts that you want to iron and you want a bit of moisture to be retained in the clothes for easy ironing.


    Customers like the no-frills design of this unit. It also takes out the guess work when it comes to knowing when you want to turn off the dryer. With the auto dry and electronic motion sensor you can wait for the dryer to turn off knowing that it?ll come out with fully dry clothes.

    The controls are well-laid out and very easy to use. The cool down cycle is useful for not getting the clothes too hot when you are unloading the load.


    Some customers dislike the design because it tends to ?eat? clothes, especially those with hoods and drawstrings. Over several months of use, a gap tends to develop between the door frame and the dryer drum and this is where most clothes get stuck.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • No frills, easy to use, quiet, efficiently does the job well
  • No need to guess when the load is dry with auto dry and electronic motion sensor
  • Controls are well laid out
  • The finish is stylish and allows you to put it in any room in the house
  • Offers plenty of useful features


  • Clothes tend to get stuck in the dryer especially hoods and drawstrings
  • The electric panel tends to break down so you cannot use the features when the panel breaks down

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