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Kenmore White-on-white 3.4 cu. ft. Compact Portable Electric Dryer - #8472

Kenmore Model 8472 is a compact and portable dryer from one of the leading manufacturers of home appliances, Kenmore. This dyer has a dimension of 32.5" H x 23-7/8" W x 20.5" D (100 lbs.). Read on and learn some facts about this model.


  • Auto Dry - This special feature is designed to prevent the over-drying of clothes. Aside from this, it senses the size of the load and adjusts the time of the cycle based on that.
  • Energy-saver - Has features that helps you save on energy.
  • End-of-the Cycle Signal - This feature lets you know if drying is already done.
  • Compact Design - The compact design of the unit makes it a very portable home equipment. It can also help you manage the space on your laundry area.


    This model has lots of advantages to offer to consumers. This dryer is very inexpensive. You can actually buy it for an affordable price,making it one of the cheapest dryers in Kenmore. Another good thing about this is that you can save a lot of space in your laundry with this 24-inch dryer.

    If your laundry area is small, you can still manage the space efficiently. The dryer is also efficient to use because you can just put your clothes on it and forget about it. If the drying process is done, there's a signal to let you know that the clothes are ready to be removed from the unit. With this dryer, you don't have to worry about
    setting the cycle duration inappropriately.

    The machine itself will determine the amount of the load and then set the cycle time based on this. This could save you a great deal of energy. Aside from this, the unit ensures that your clothes will not easily fade and shrink. The model does this by monitoring the drying temperature and then setting it the right way.


    One of the drawbacks of shopping for this model is that it is very plain in appearance. This unit is available in white. The style is not really best for laundry rooms with a modern look. Aside from this, the unit is compact.

    This means that it can accommodate only light loads. If you have many household members, this unit is not a very excellent option. Some consumers complain that this dryer is not really an excellent energy-saver because it takes a lot of time drying clothes.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • Very portable
  • Very affordable compared to other Kenmore dryers and even compared to other dryers from other manufacturers
  • Gives a signal if the drying process is through
  • Keeps track of the temperature
  • Controls the drying cycle accordingly
  • Can save you a great deal of energy in the long run
  • Offers a variety of features despite its size


  • Has a limited color
  • The design is not very modern
  • Has a small loading capacity
  • Some say that the unit takes a longer time to dry clothes
    Full Specifications »


    Loading Type Front Load
    Fuel Type Electric
    Color White-on-White
    Drum Material Plastic
    Control Type Mechanical Controls
    Capacity Portable
    Timed Dry Yes - 105 minutes
    Temperature Options 2 temperature settings
    Drying System  
    No. of Cycles  
    Cycles Timed Dry, Air Dry
    MISC 1 year parts and labor warranty 
    Special Features End-of-Cycle Signal, Space Management, Stackable, 1-way venting

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