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Kenmore White-on-white 3.4 cu. ft. Capacity Compact Stackable Dryer - Model #8418

The Kenmore White-on-white 3.4 cu. ft. capacity Compact Stackable Dryer (Model #8418) comes with the basic features of regular models but in a smaller unit. This makes it perfect for small spaces such as apartments.

Key features

  • The Auto Dry feature adjusts the drying cycle in the load according to the amount of moisture left. It automatically turns off the machine when there is not moisture left in the load. This feature helps save energy and reduces the risk of damaging clothes by overheating.
  • The end of cycle signal tells you when the load is done drying.
  • Wrinkle Guard prevents the formation of wrinkles by keeping the load in tumble-dry without heat to prevent the load from settling.
  • Lint filter is effective at reducing the amount of lint in the vents.


    This unit is perfect for apartment or dorm use and is small enough to carry. It does the job of washing everyday loads well, although it may take longer to dry loads of sweaters or jeans. The dryer is also very quiet. It is perfect for drying small batches of clothes without using a lot of power. The dryer works best with light clothes and dedicates.

    Many consumers have also noted that this compact dryer doesn't make too much noise, unlike other machines. Another good thing about this model is that it comes in a compact design but still has all the basic features found in a regular dryer of Kenmore such as the Auto Dry feature.


    The main disadvantage is the annoying buzzer that sounds off
    at the end of the cycle and it cannot be turned off. If the load is not taken out right away, the unit goes into a 30-minute Air Dry cycle with the buzzer sounding off every five minutes. Because it is a compact dryer, you can expect longer drying time when drying large loads. Although it is built for regular-sized loads, drying still takes longer because of the compact design, especially when drying thicker towels or pairs of jeans.

    It is easier to dry smaller loads at a time for quicker drying. It also comes in 240 voltage so make sure you have the proper adapters if electrical units in the home are 120 volts. If the unit is not receiving enough power, it could lead to longer drying times, especially if you are drying thicker articles of clothing.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • small and compact, light, perfect for drying small loads of laundry
  • energy-efficient with the Auto Dry feature
  • quiet operation
  • compact design but comes with the features in a regular dryer.


  • annoying buzzer sound that sounds off when the load is done (It also sounds off every five minutes if the load is not taken out right away.)
  • not suitable for large batches of clothes
  • may not be compatible with the voltages in the outlets of most homes so an adaptor is a requirement (Plugging it in to a socket with lower voltage willprolong the drying time even more.
  • drying time for thicker articles of clothing takes longer

    Full Specifications »


    Loading Type Front Load
    Fuel Type Electric
    Color White-on-White
    Drum Material Plastic
    Control Type Rotary Controls
    Capacity Portable
    Timed Dry Yes - 70minutes
    Temperature Options High, Medium, Medium-Low, or Low
    Drying System  
    No. of Cycles  
    Cycles Heavy Duty, Normal, Permanent Press, Timed Dry, Touc Up, Wrinkle Guard® I
    MISC 1 year parts and labor warranty 
    Special Features Wrinkle Guard® I, Stackable, -way venting, end-of-cycle signal

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