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Kenmore White Rear Control 7.3 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Dryer - model #8885

The Kenmore White Rear Control 7.3 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Dryer - model #8885 is a large capacity dryer that has a number of useful features in a stylish white finish.

Key features

  • Check vent indicator signals the user when the vent is clogged so that the problem can be solved immediately to prevent clogging of the vents and overheating.
  • Express dry cycle allows you to dry clothes in a hurry. This feature dries clothes in 30 minutes.
  • Air Fluff feature makes drying without heat possible for articles of clothing that cannot be heated such as rain coats.
  • Drum light illuminates the inside of the drum so you can see what?s inside.
  • End of cycle signal also signals when it is ready to unload.
  • 9 dry cycles allow users to choose which cycle is suitable for the kinds of fabric in the load.
  • Custom Dry cycle is a feature which stores the most preferred cycle in the unit so that it can be used automatically.
  • 5 temperature controls allow you to set the temperature so you won?t damage fabrics when drying.
  • Standard Cycles include NORMAL, DELICATE, HEAVY DUTY and TIMED DRY.
  • The drying rack allows users to dry towels and shoes.
  • The powder coated drum resists rusting and chipping which can damage fabrics.
  • Wrinkle Guard tumble dries the load when it has been left in the dryer for too long. Tumbling without heat prevents overheating and over drying the fabric.
  • Stylish white finish makes the unit easy on the eyes.
  • Optional adjustable pedestal allows you to adjust the height of dryer according to what
    is most comfortable to you.
  • Lint trap prevents lint from clogging the vents and reduces the need for maintaining the vents.


    The unit has a large capacity, is efficient in using water and energy, and is easy to use. The features are intuitive and prevents damaging fabrics with the variable temperature and drying cycle options. The check vent indicator light is very useful especially since the vent tends to clog up pretty often.

    This way a build up of lint is immediately brought to the attention of the user so he or she can unclog the vent and avoid overheating. The lint trap is there to reduce the lint deposits in the vent but this is often not enough.


    There is no Quiet package unlike other models so expect this model to be noisier than the others. The unit also does not come with the Gentle Drying feature which uses steam to dry the load. The unit needs to be vented on the side, so users may need to purchase side vent kits sold separately.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • Large capacity
  • Intuitive controls and knobs that are easy to hold even when wet
  • Easy to use
  • Has five temperature controls
  • Has several standard cycles


  • No Quiet package feature and no Gentle Drying feature
  • The vents tend to clog easily so regular maintenance is a must
  • The white finish easily turns yellow with age and rust tends to form on the bottom of the unit
  • Noise levels go up with months of use

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