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Kenmore White Model #9041 Capacity Gas Dryer 5.8 cu. ft.

This medium capacity dryer that comes with various features such as the Electronic Moisture Sensor and Auto Dry cycle. It comes in an elegant white finish.

Key features

- The Auto Dry cycle saves on energy by detecting the levels of moisture in the unit and adjusting the cycles accordingly. It shuts the dryer off automatically to prevent overdrying and overheating that cause damage to the fabric.
- The Wrinkle Rid Extend Tumble Dry option reduces the amount of wrinkles when the load has been left in the dryer for too long by continuing to tumble-dry without heat for 24 minutes.
- The Balanced Drying system gets the air from the rear of the unit and circulates it evenly inside the drum.
- The shallow depth of the unit—at 27 inches—makes it possible to store the unit even in small laundry rooms.
- The Energy Star seal means that the unit saves 40-45% of energy and water, saving on power bills and helping the environment.
- Choose from four drying temperatures (high, medium, medium low, and low) so you can dry any kind of fabric safely.
- The seven kinds of drying cycles allow you to dry any kind of fabric.
- The End of cycle signal informs you if the drying is done and the load is available for taking out.
- The inner drum light makes looking into the drum easy and convenient, allowing you to find specific items of clothing inside the load.
- The stacking kit allows you
to save on laundry room space by stacking one unit on top of the washer.
- The air fluff feature is great for tumbling without heat to produce soft down comforters and for drying plastic garments like rain coats.


The unit is easy to use, dries loads quickly and quietly. The unit is also energy-efficient so you can lower your energy bills significantly. It is shallow and easy to move around, and it is easy to choose the kind of drying cycle according to the kind of fabric in the load. The stainless steel drum resists rusting and doesn’t chip easily. Chips in the drum tend to snag clothes, causing rips. In drums without stainless steel coatings, rust can also discolor the load and ruin clothing.


One of the most common complaints about this dryer is that there is no back guard on the top so clothes placed on top of the unit tend to fall down the back of the dryer. The unit also comes in a white finish, which tends to turn yellow with age.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- unit is easy to use
- controls are intuitive
- loads dry quickly.
- energy-efficient, reduces energy bills significantly
- unit is shallow and compact.
- stainless steel drum resists rusting and chipping


- no guard on top to prevent clothes from falling down the back of the dryer
- comes in a white finish, which turns yellow with age

Full Specifications »


Loading Type Front Load
Fuel Type Gas
Color White
Drum Material Powdercoat finish
Control Type Rotary Controls
Capacity 5.8 Cu. Ft.
Timed Dry Yes
Temperature Options High, Medium, Medium-Low, or Low
Drying System Electronic Moisture Sensor, Balanced Drying System™, Gentle Drying
No. of Cycles 7
Cycles Damp Dry, delicate, Heavy Duty, Normal, Permanent Press, Timed Dry, Air Dry, Large Items, Sensor Dry, Towels, Wrinkle Rid
MISC Energy Star Qualified,  1 year parts and labor warranty
Special Features Wrinkle Rid Extended Tumble option, Stackable, 3-way venting

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