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Kenmore White Model #8041 Capacity Electric Dryer 5.8 cu. ft.

This model fits well even in smaller laundry rooms, as it measures 26-7/8 in. in width, 36 in. in height, and 27 in. in depth and comes with a stacking kit. Its 5.8. cu. ft. capacity is good enough for moderately sized households.

Clothes come out not only dry but also without any damage to the fabric with several options for the drying cycles and the moisture sensor that prevents overdrying clothes. If looking to save on energy, this electric dryer can be matched with an Energy Star-certified washer by Kenmore.

Key features

- The Balanced Drying System lets air circulate evenly in the drum to dry all clothes thoroughly and make sure you get to save on energy.

- The stacking kit lets you save floor space and money, as it comes at no additional cost.

- The electric dryer can be used along with an Energy Star-certified washer 40412. This environment-friendly option lets you save up to 45% energy and 40% on your water consumption.

- The Electronic Moisture Sensor helps check if there's moisture left on garments during the auto dry cycles and shuts off the machine automatically. This prevents damage to the fabric when overdried.

- The dryer has up to 4 temperature settings and 7 cycles to choose from for different types of fabric.

- Another notable feature is the Wrinkle Rid Extended Tumble Option that tumble-dry clothes without heat for up to 24 minutes.


This electric dryer by Kenmore is a space-saver with its very own stacking kit. Some also like its shallow depth of 27 inches, which makes it easier to load and unload clothes into the dryer.

The drying cyles also work well for different types of clothes, and also has an option for timed dry, wrinkle reduction, and sensor dry.

one of the best features of this dryer is its moisture sensing capability, which prevents overdrying that often leads to damage on the fabric. Clothes also dry evenly because of the drying system that lets air circulate well in the drum.

Its extended tumble dry capability also makes sure that there won't be any damage on clothes due to heat. The extended cycle is truly helpful in making sure that wrinkles won't set in. The dryer also makes a good match to energy-efficient Kenmore dryers that use less water and energy.

What consumers like best about this dryer is that the electronic controls are fairly easy to understand and operate. The machine looks neat and stylish in all-white color and has a wide opening for loading and unloading clothes. The dryer can be left on its own, thanks to the end-of-cycle signal to alert users.


The electric dryer lacks other convenient features preferred by many consumers such as the Touch Up and damp dry cycle. There are also no special cycles for towels and jeans.

There are also reports of installation problems and doors that won't easily close and often get stuck. It also makes some noise, with thumps coming from the drum.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- stackable
- has wide opening for loading and unloading clothes
- alerts users through end-of-cycle signal
- easy to use; controls easy to understand
- moisture sensor shuts off the machine when clothes are already dry
- saves on space and energy
- clothes come out almost wrinkle-free


- doesn't have other convenient features (dry rack, Touch Up cycle, damp dry cycle, air dry, etc.)
- complaints about installation problems and doors that won't close easily
- makes some noise when operating
- should not be overloaded

Full Specifications »


Loading Type Front Load
Fuel Type Electric
Color White
Drum Material  
Control Type  
Capacity 5.8 Cu. Ft.
Timed Dry Yes - 80 minutes
Temperature Options 4 temperature settings
Drying System Balanced Drying System™, Electronic Moisture Sensor
No. of Cycles 7
Cycles Casual, Normal, Timed Dry, Sensor Dry, Wrinkle Rid
MISC Energy Star Qualified 
Special Features Wrinkle Rid™ Extended Tumble Option, End-of-Cycle Signal, Stackable, optional pedestal

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