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Kenmore White 800 7.5 cu. ft. Capacity Gas Dryer - model #7982

Kenmore Model #7982 is a large capacity dryer with a dimension of 43-1/8" H x 27" W x 29.5" D (140 lbs.). This model is available in white. Read on for more information about this model from Kenmore.


  • EvenHeat Technology - This technology eliminates the danger of over-drying the clothes. This is a system that keeps track of the temperature and moisture of the clothes and automatically shuts down the cycle if there's a possibility of over-drying.
  • Heated Dryer Rack - The Heated Dryer Rack of Kenmore gently dries the materials several times faster than other dryers.
  • Quiet Pak - This is a sound insulation system that keeps the noise coming from the machine within the minimum level.
  • Touch Up Cycle - This unit has a 20 minute touch up cycle that quickly tumbles loads that has been left in the dryer and laundry basket for too long.
  • Wrinkle Guard - This system ensures that the clothes are wrinkle free without really using heat. This system tumbles clothes for 90 minutes for excellent results.


    The Kenmore White Model 7982 is an excellent dryer. One of the best thing about this unit is its price. This model is quite affordable if you compare it with other models from Kenmore and even from other brands. Aside from this, you can have a quiet time drying clothes because of its silent feature.

    You can actually do your laundry in the middle of the night or very early in the morning without waking everybody
    up. Like the other units from Kenmore, this one ensures that the clothes will dry fast and will be wrinkle free.

    The 90-minute tumbling process makes sure that your clothes will be dry and fresh without having to worry that the process will cause the fast fading of the materials. You can really ensure that your clothes will be taken cared of because the machine allows you to tumble the clothes for several minutes without using heat that could otherwise shrink clothes.

    Another plus point in this unit is its large loading capacity. Imagine, you can have a dryer that accommodates more load for a very low price.


    One of the drawbacks in buying this unit is its very limited color. The item is only available in plain white. And the model is not really sleek and elegant. This dryer looks like a very ordinary unit with nothing really special about the design. If you care about the appearance of your laundry area, this unit is not really the best choice.

    Consumers likes and dislikes


  • Very inexpensive cost
  • Large capacity
  • Prevents clothes from shrinking
  • Removes wrinkles on clothes
  • Gentle on delicate clothes
  • Operates quietly
  • Keeps track of the temperature and controls cycle accordingly
  • Can dry clothes three times faster than other models
  • Very easy to use
  • Control panel is easy to understand and use


  • Has a very limited option for color and design
  • Will not really complement a modern-themed laundry area

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