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Kenmore White 800 7.5 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Dryer - model #6982

The Kenmore White 800 7.5 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Dryer - model #6982 is a large capacity dryer that makes it perfect for large families. With its variable features, this unit is easy to program and dries every kind of fabric safely.

Key features

  • Even Heat Technology makes drying safe and efficient.
  • The Heated Dry Rack allows you to dry clothes and shoes without tumbling.
  • The Quick tumble dries loads for the second time if they have been left in the dryer for too long.
  • Air fluff feature produces soft loads that do not come with the usual amount of wrinkling.
  • The Quiet Pak feature reduces the amount of noise.
  • With the 20 drying cycles to choose from, you can make sure that you are keeping your clothes safe with the right drying cycle.
  • Wrinkle guard feature reduces the wrinkles in fabrics in the load and reduces the need to use fabric conditioner in regular, everyday clothes.
  • Stylish white finish is easy on the eyes and will blend in with the rest of the appliances in the room.

    AdvantagesThe large capacity is the most positive feature of this unit. This is perfect for large homes and those who choose to do the laundry in the weekend. The controls are intuitive, easy to use and the variable programs such as the 20 kinds of drying cycles make safe drying possible.

    You can dry anything from delicate to sweaters without having to worry about damage and the wrinkle guard is
    perfect for reducing the need for fabric conditioner.


    One common complaint is that drying takes way too long. This could be because of the larger load which naturally requires more drying time.

    Even with the EvenHeat Technology that evenly disperses heat in the drum, the drying time is still too long for most users. Another common complaint is that the unit only comes in white, not very good for those who do not like to see rust and water stains on the exterior of the unit. A black finish is often the desired color by most users.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • Large capacity makes the unit perfect for large homes
  • Controls are intuitive, easy to use
  • Variable programs with 20 kinds of drying cycles are perfect for drying various types of clothes, from towels to delicate shawls
  • Stylish white finish is very easy on the eyes
  • The unit is quiet when running unlike other units that vibrate and produce a lot of sound


  • Some have complained that drying time takes too long
  • The unit becomes noisy even with the QuietPak feature. Vibration also becomes more noticeable with months of use. In some cases, damage to the rotating drum is what causes the noise level to increase. This may necessitate the need for a replacement
  • The white finish easily shows rusts and water stains unlike appliances that come in black finish
  • Some users also have trouble using the Auto Moisture setting

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