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Kenmore White 600 model #6965 Electric Flatback Dryer 5.9 cu. ft.

The Kenmore 600 model #6965 is a flat back dryer that is a mix of sensible design and energy efficiency. It comes with useful features like the Auto Moisture sensing and the reversible side swing door.

Key features

  • Auto moisture sensing technology makes drying energy efficient and prevents damage to clothes. The unit adjusts the temperature and the cycling time by measuring the amount of moisture present in the unit and shuts off when no moisture is detected in the load, preventing over drying and damaging fabrics.
  • Quick Tumble allows you to refresh loads that have been left in the dryer for too long.
  • The reduced depth makes positioning the unit anywhere in the room easy. It also saves on space.
  • The reversible side-swing door makes loading and unloading very easy.
  • Wrinkle guard reduces wrinkles in the load by tumbling the load without heat for 40 minutes.
  • 11 dry cycles allow you to dry different kinds of clothes safely.
  • Air fluff produces very soft clothes after tumbling dry in air for 30 minutes.
  • Drum light makes looking inside the dryer very easy to do.
  • The signal system tells you if the vents are clogged or when the cycle is done and the load is ready for unloading.
  • White finish is elegant and easy on the eyes.


    The dryer is compact, easy to store in any room in the house. It is also stackable so you can save space by stacking the unit on
    top of the washer. The unit dries loads quickly and the features are all useful.

    No frilly features that you do not usually use. Despite its large capacity, the unit dries smaller loads quickly but does so in an energy efficient way. The dryer is also accessible with the wide reverse swing door.

    It comes with the signal that tells you when the load is done drying. This prevents you from leaving a batch of clothes in the dryer after it is done to prevent wrinkles from setting in. The white finish is elegant but this also has its drawbacks.


    The main disadvantage is the noise. In some problematic units, the noise is very loud and high pitched and may require a replacement with another unit. The unit also only comes in white and in no other color. The white finish tends to yellow with age.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • Compact, elegant in white
  • Comes with useful, no –frills features
  • Easy to store in the house due to its small size
  • Large capacity
  • Flat back makes it easy to transfer from one room to another because the design allows it to slip through most doorways
  • The signal system tells you when drying is done so you can unload batches of clothing right away. It also tells you if the vent is clogged and needs cleaning


  • High pitched noise
  • Only comes in white

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