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Kenmore White 500 (Model #6952) Electric Dryer 7.0 cu. ft.

This is a stylish yet inexpensive dryer that comes with a lot of features to accommodate virtually any kind of fabric.

Key features

  • Wrinkle Guard tumble-dries the load without heat to prevent wrinkles from setting in.
  • The Auto Dry feature senses the amount of moisture in the load and adjusts the cycle accordingly. This saves on power and energy bills.
  • The 20-minute Touch Up cycle, a Kenmore exclusive feature, tumbles loads that have been in the dryer for too long so that they are unloaded warm and fresh.
  • Options for drying include delicate, normal, heavy duty, and permanent press. Choose among these according to the kinds of fabric you have. There are a total of 9 variable cycles to choose from so you can dry anything from towels to silk lingerie.
  • The End of Cycle signal alerts the user when the load is dry and ready to be taken out.
  • The powder coated drum reduces the risk for rusting and chipping, which can damage the fabric.
  • The drum light illuminates the inside of the drum so you can find what you are looking.
  • The stylish white metallic finish gives the unit an elegant look.
  • The large swing door makes unloading and loading easy to do.
  • It comes with basic features, no frills unlike more expensive units.


    Excellent temperature settings and basic settings without the frills make this unit one of the best in its category. Another advantage is the 9 variable cycle
    options,0 which allows you to choose the cycle that best suits the fabric so you avoid shrinking sweaters and burning delicate fabric types.

    The light inside the drum is useful if you need to take something out of the load before you start drying. The large capacity makes this unit the best option for large homes. The unit is also durable and can last for several years without any major problems. The unit also operates quietly for a dryer of its size. Vibration is present but never enough for it to produce a lot of noise.


    There is a number of useful features that are not included in this unit. These include steam drying, which allows you to prepare the clothes for pressing. Some units also overheat when the moisture sensor fails to work.

    In some cases, the opposite happens. The dryer will take too long to dry but this is probably due to a kink in the hose that has gone unchecked.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • large capacity
  • durable
  • efficiently dries clothes
  • works quietly
  • light inside the drum is very useful when reaching inside the drum
  • variable drying cycles allow you safely dry all types of fabric


  • unit lacks several useful features like the steam drying feature
  • tends to overheat when the moisture sensor fails to work
  • drying time can take too long probably due to kinks in the vent

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