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Kenmore Steam Model #9044 Gas dryer 7.3 cu. ft

This dryer has a variety of useful features such as the Steam Care technology and NSF certifications. The gas dryer is available in white and ginger color.

Key features

- Steam Care technology allows you to safely dry the clothes without the risk of overheating and damaging the clothing. Steam penetrates the clothes to prevent wrinkles in the clothing as well as odor.
- NSF certifications by the National Sanitary Foundation ensure that the unit heats up the load up to the temperature that effectively removes 99.9% of germs from clothing.
- The Steam Refresh cycle allows you to refresh up to five clothes at a time.
- The 7.3 cu. ft. capacity allows you to dry large loads at a time.
- The Express Dry cycle allows you to dry clothes in less than 30 minutes.
- The small load cycle allows you to dry smaller loads of clothes.
- The stackable unit allows you to save space on the laundry room. You can stack the dryer on top of the washer or vice versa.
- Optional pedestals are available for those who have trouble loading and unloading the dryer with clothes.
- The stainless steel drum of the gas dryer gives you the assurance that it will not rust and discolor your clothing.
- You can choose from ten cycles, allowing you to customize the drying cycle according to the type of fabric in the load.
- There are stylish color choices to select from, including ginger,
a new Kenmore color.


The unit works quietly in the background and easily dries loads of thick clothes such as jeans and towels. You can choose between the Express Dry cycle or small load cycle when washing small loads or when you need to dry some shirts in a hurry.

The unit also conserves energy through the Steam Care technology that allows you to forgo ironing shirts that are not wrinkled, perfect for shirts that you only wear at home. It also effectively removes odor.


The stainless steel drum tends to break down, and this causes excessive noise when the gas dryer is running. It also tends to clog up with clothing, especially those with drawstrings and hoods. After a few months of use, the gap between the drum and the lid widens and this is where most snags happen.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- quietly works in the background
- capable of drying thick loads of clothes such as towels and jeans
- fast working time (Express Dry cycle dries clothes in less than 30 minutes)
- saves energy
- stackable unit that lets you save on laundry room space
- comes in another stylish color (ginger, aside from white)
- allows you to dry small loads in a hurry


- the gas dryer can be noisy when running, especially if the drum rubber coating is damaged
- snags tend to happen, especially for clothes with hoods and strings

Full Specifications »


Loading Type Front Load
Fuel Type Gas
Color Ginger
Drum Material Aluminized steel
Control Type Electronic LED
Capacity 7.3 Cu. Ft. Extra large
Timed Dry More time, less time options
Temperature Options 5 temperature settings
Drying System Steam Dryer, Moisture Sensing
No. of Cycles 10
Cycles Casual, Damp Dry, Delicate, Heavy Duty, Normal, Timed Dry, Air Dry, Sanitize, Small Load, Express Dry, Bulky/Bedding, Sensor Dry, Steam Refresh
MISC  1 year parts and labor warranty
Special Features NSF CERTIFIED, Reversible Door, Damp Dry Signal, Drum Light, End-of-Cycle Signal, Stackable, 3-way venting

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