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Kenmore Oasis Washer/Dryer

by Jon
(New Jersey)

One of the first features I particularly enjoyed about my Kenmore Oasis Washer, though not a huge innovation, was the built-in fabric softener dispenser, similar to the detergent dispenser. This allows you to pour in fabric softener when you pour in detergent, without worrying about opening your washing machine mid-wash to add anything.

The washer also has a similar compartment for adding bleach to the wash before the cycle, similar to the one that holds the fabric softener. The washer gives you many possible settings, including a very gentle wash that is perfect for all precious materials such as silk or lace. And if you are looking to clean a heavy material with dirt ground into every fiber, the Oasis again is perfect. With its 2nd rinse setting and pre-wash capabilities, no dirty area rug or towel stands a chance.

Kenmore has also removed the agitator from the middle of the wash basin and replaced it with a much more powerful and more space-efficient one that allows you to fit many more garments into a single load. This washing machine is also significantly quieter than many of the other models on the market. The dryer in this combo is also a big step up for anyone using an outdated one. With settings that fall under the classifications of 'sensor' and 'timed', you can choose to let your clothes dry for as long as you want, or let the machine do all the thinking and tell you when your clothes have been fully dried. The lint filter in this machine is very thorough and very efficient, almost no dust escapes the machine, and even less dust or lint is left on your clothes.

This dryer also has a non-wrinkle function that tumbles your clothes for a few minutes every so often so that they do not settle and become wrinkled.

Overall, this is a great washer/dryer combo and is well worth its price tag.

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