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Kenmore Model #6052 Capacity Electric Dryer w/ Spanish Control Panel 7.0 cu. ft.

Ideal for big family use. You spend less time drying large loads of laundry because of this feature. In white finish, the unit comes in a box-type design with a wide-opening door.

Key features

- Varied temperature and cycle options makes drying different kinds of fabric very easy. They also reduce the risk of damaging expensive and delicate fabric by overdrying.
- The wide-opening door lets you easily load and unload clothes in the dryer.
- The 20-minute Touch Up cycle is a Kenmore exclusive that tumble dries the load when it has been left in the dryer for so long.
- Quick tumble option allows you to dry a few articles of clothing if you are in a hurry.
- Auto Dry feature prevents overdrying and saves money by adjusting the length of the drying cycle.
- Nine cycle options allow you to choose which is fit for various kinds of fabric.
- The Wrinkle Guard feature prevents wrinkles from setting in. It tumble dries the load without heat to prevent wrinkle formation.
- The air fluff feature dries delicates and comforters without heat to keep fabric soft.
- The drum light is useful for seeing what you need to see inside the drum, especially if you need to take one article of clothing out.
- Stylish white finish and the box-type design make this unit easy on the eyes.
- The control panel comes in Spanish instructions.


The unit comes with useful features that are laid out in an intuitive control panel. For a
dryer with such a large capacity, the unit is also compact and can be easily moved from one corner of the room to another. Clothes come out smelling fresh and not overheated or burnt. The light inside the drum is also very useful when looking at what’s inside the drum. It is bright enough to leave on instead of turning on the room lights. The alarm is very useful as well for letting you know when the load is ready to be taken out. The variable options for drying also make drying different types of fabric safe. The air fluff option is a favorite of most users because it produces very soft articles of clothing that may not require further ironing. The hamper door opens wide to allow easy loading and unloading of laundry.


There is very little to gripe about this Kenmore electric dryer model. It tends to heat up when kept on for too long and it also makes some noise. The white finish also tends to rust easily, according to some consumers.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- intuitive control panel
- dryer has a large capacity but can easily be moved from one corner of the room to another
- light inside the drum is bright enough to light a small corner of the room
- gentle on different types of fabric
- has fast drying option


- tends to heat up when left for long
- white finish easily rusts.
- makes some noise

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