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Kenmore model 1106180200

by Melissa E
(Warm Beach, WA)

We purchased our Clothes Dryer about 7 years ago. Our old dryer was inefficient and just stopped getting the job done.

We were looking for the largest capacity we could find to go along with our extra large capacity washing machine. We wanted to get the most for our money and we spent about $350 on this model.

This dryer is really great. It fits all the clothes and drys them in a fairly short amount of time. It has a moisture sensor feature which we used quite a bit at first.

We really liked how it didn’t over dry anything when you used that sensor setting. However that sensor has ceased to work and the dryer will run indefinitely if left on that setting. We have not tried to get a repairman out to have it fixed.

We now use the timed drying feature exclusively and that works well. It is best if you can dry the same weight of clothes together, so I try to work my washes to get all the heavier weight items at the same time to increase the drying efficiency. We empty the lint compartment after each use because it is in a very convenient location on the top of the dryer.

Other than the sensor, which we just haven’t taken the time to fix, this dryer works very well.

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