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Kenmore Laundry Center 94802

I purchased this laundry center primarily because it was one of the few washers and dryers that would fit in the extremely limited space in my laundry closet. The major benefits of this unit are its compact size and its relatively low cost as compared to other combination or stand alone washers and dryers.

Overall, I have been fairly pleased with this unit's performance. I have had no problems with the unit in over two years of using it for three to four loads per week. The unit is certainly not the most energy efficient unit on the market, but it is not marketed as a high-efficiency unit. The controls on the unit are easily accessible and are clearly marked. It is simple to use the unit as soon as it is installed.

My two biggest complaints about the unit are that the lint screen is not large enough and there is no option to turn off the buzzer on the dryer. The lint screen is small. When washing a load of towels or clothes that generate a significant amount of lint, the lint screen cannot handle all of the lint, and any excess ends up on the clothes in the dryer. This problem can be mitigated by avoiding washing a large load of towels, but instead washing a towel or two with every load of laundry. It is, however, somewhat annoying to have to think about this when doing laundry. The buzzer is a problem because there are times that I would like to throw a load of laundry in the dryer right before going to sleep.

When the laundry is dry, the buzzer will go off at approximately five minute intervals three or four times, waking me up from my deep slumber. It seems that it would be very easy to add a switch to turn off the buzzer, but there is no such switch on the unit.

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