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Kenmore Heavy Duty Top Loading, model 110.91552210

by Judy

We bought this washer at Sears after our old one broke. We got a great deal on it and have enjoyed it ever since. It has proven to be very durable, as we do many loads of laundry throughout each week. The size of it works very well in the little corner that I have to put it in.

The only problem that I have had with it at this point is that we have to use the heavy duty setting for most of the loads. The other settings for some reason aren't strong enough to pull the top clothes down all the way into the tub some of the time. This problem is not much of an issue for my family. We just use the heavy duty setting, however I can see why this may bother another consumer.

I would recommend this washer for a large family, as it has proven to be very capable of washing many loads of clothing each week. The heavy duty cycle is great for households with active children who dirty clothing like most active children do.

I would not recommend it for single person or households with just couples, especially if they need the permanent press cycles for a gentle wash. If my washer is like the others of this model, the permanent press cycle does not seem to work as well as other washers that I have used.

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