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Kenmore Heavy Duty / Large Capacity

by Angela Patterson
(Statesville NC)

I purchased my Large Capacity dryer off of a friend who only owned it 3 months before moving. It was practically brand new. Before I was stuck with a regular run of the mill dryer. The timer was broken, but it worked well enough.

Since I have got this set, I have noticed a drop in my powerbill, I can do three times the load as I could before, my clothes dry faster, with little or no lint, and I get to spend time with my family instead of having to worry about the wash.

When I mentioned before that I noticed a decrease in my power bill, I truly meant it. I noticed about a $15-$20 decrease in the first full month. And I did nothing differently other than purchasing my new laundry set! I would take nothing for it. My husband would go before my Kenmore's would!

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