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Kenmore Elite White Oasis model #6808 Electric Dryer 7.6 cu ft

One of the dryers that Kenmore takes pride in is its Elite White Oasis Model #6808. This dryer has a clear-view door and has a 7.6 cu. ft.loading capacity. This unit has many interesting features. However, this model also has drawbacks. Read the article and learn about the mixed reviews of the consumers regarding this product.


Dual-Action Drying System - This system ensures the thorough drying of the clothes by effectively venting up to 200 feet. This system is the right solution for long venting paths problems.

Special Heated Dryer Rack - The machine's dryer rack is designed to dry the clothes gently without tumbling them.

SteamCare Technology - Cleans and refreshes clothes, reduces wrinkles, removes odor and static on the fabric within a short span of 20 minutes.

TurboDry Technology - This uses a powerful air blower that increases airflow for faster drying of clothes.

SteamCare Refresh - The SteamCare Refresh cycle removes wrinkles and odor and refreshes your clothes without even washing them.

GentleHeat Technology - Prevents the over-drying of clothes through a system that measures the temperature and keeps track of the moisture content in the fabric.


One of the best things about this dryer is the gentle handling of clothes. This unit uses a technology that keeps the clothes from shrinking and wrinkling. The process of drying through this system is also fast. The options for the drying cycle are several, making the drying process easier and more convenient for you.

Another good thing about this model is that it
prevents fading and damage on the fabric by a system that tracks down the temperature of the machine and automatically shuts it down when the heat is too much. This dryer has a system that allows gentle handling of delicate materials. Aside from these, the clothes you would dry through this model will have a fresh smell because this also has a feature that removes unpleasant odor on clothes.

On top of these, the dryer has a very large capacity. It has a 7.6 cu. ft. loading capacity. This can accommodate bulky laundry items such as beddings and comforters.


One of the limitations of this model is the color and design. This model is only available in white color. If you want to render a modern appearance to your laundry area, you would not really appreciate the plainness of this model's design. The cost of this unit is also higher than the other units with the same features.

Consumers thoughts


- Has a large loading capacity
- Removes odor in clothes
- Reduces wrinkles
- Uses a technology that handles the clothes gently
- Has a system for tracking the temperature and moisture of the clothes
- Easy to use
- Features are easy to understand
- Perfect for first-time users
- Can easily dry bulky laundry items
- Prevents fading and fabric damage
- Has several cycle options


- Has a very expensive price compared to other units
- Provides limited options for the color and the design

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