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Kenmore Elite Twilight HE5 Steam model #977 Gas Dryer 7.5 cu. ft.

As one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to home appliances, Kenmore takes pride on its products. One of the model for the line of dryers Kenmore is proud of is the Kenmore Elite Twilight Model #977.

This unit has a dimension of 38 inches for the height, 32-9/16 inches for the depth, and 27 inches for the width. The dryer has a procelain top and is twilight in color.

Key features

  • SteamCare Touch Up - This system relaxes the wrinkles on the clothes that were left in the dryer and laundry basket for a long time.
  • Large Drying Capacity - The unit has a 7.5 cu. ft. capacity. This allows large loads of clothes to be dried at a time.
  • EvenHeat Technology - This technology makes sure that the clothes you put on the dryer are handled gently. This technology shuts the machine off when the temperature is too much in order to prevent the over-drying of clothes.
  • SteamCare Refresh - The system allows a cycle that would keep the clothes clean and fresh without washing them. This system also ensures that unpleasant odors are removed from the clothes.
  • Y-connector for the Washer and Dryer water line - This connector connects the water line for the dryer and washer so there is no need for you to add water manually.
  • Quiet Pak 9 - This is a an insulation system that keeps the operation of the machine silent. The system keeps the noise to a minimum level.


    large loading capacity of the unit is one of its best features. Through this, you can save time drying clothes because large loads can be loaded on the dryer at a time. The unit has also a very efficient means of dealing with wrinkles and shrinks. Even if the clothes are left in the laundry basket for a long time, the machine can still smooth the wrinkles with its advanced system.

    Another good thing is that you can be sure that this model can take care of delicate items because there's a system that detects the temperature and moisture on the materials and automatically stops the cycle if the temperature threatens to over-dry the fabric. Another thing that consumers like is the silent operation of the dryer.


    One of the drawbacks of Kenmore Elite Twilight Model #977 is that it is expensive. And this a bit expensive if you compare it with other models from Kenmore and from other brands. The options for the color and the style is also very limited.

    Although the product has an excellent color, twilight, the limitations for the color and design options is a major drawback for many consumers, especially to those who want to grace their home with appliances that match the theme of their homes.

    Consumers thoughts


  • Can smooth wrinkles
  • Can dry clothes fast
  • Has large loading capacity
  • Automatically controls the temperature to prevent over-drying


  • Limited colors
  • More expensive than other brands

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  • Comments for Kenmore Elite Twilight HE5 Steam model #977 Gas Dryer 7.5 cu. ft.

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    Jan 17, 2018
    by: Andrea Chatterton

    WORST DRYER ever. It CAME with broken sensors so my clothes never come out dry. I have two children at home. I have been working with customer service for months and it's broken and they refuse to replace it. I have been told that it is not reparable by the technician but I have to have someone come out for their "policy" of 7 times (which can equal 14 if they have to order parts). It's absolutely horrible customer service. They will not replace the broken dryer even though I only bought it in August of 2017 and its January of 2018 now and had been two months trying to fix it. I'm beyond upset and not suprised Sears is going under. They suck. Save your money.

    Apr 30, 2013
    Stick with maytag!
    by: Anonymous

    I have the 110 also, and it is only 3 years old and the stupid dryer is squealing this unbearable noise and it is out of warranty! How do you screw up manufacturing a DRYER?????

    Dec 18, 2010
    Kenmore Never Again
    by: Anonymous

    My experience is the thing worked for awhile then out of the blue main control board went out within 6 months. Now the thing will not turn on and after looking online I see this is a common problem that will not go away as people sink more and more money into it and never results in a lasting fix.

    I noticed in my search for a way to get this going that at least the two previous models had pretty much the same problems.

    Therefore it is an inherent design flaw not addressed as the new models were introduced with the same old engineering problems.

    Enough already.

    Jun 02, 2010
    this dryer has been my knighmare
    by: April

    This dryer has been a disappointment from Day 1. The first dryer didn't work. Because we had just had it delivered, Sears simply replaced it. All good, right? No. A few weeks later the same problem we experienced from the first dryer began happening again. Dryer would stop, lights would start flashing, and eventually the dryer wouldn't even turn on. Called service and they came. Changed out board or something.

    Worked for a while . . . same problem appears. Do you see a pattern? I call service again, but we are beyond our initial purchase warranty and they said it would be $80.00 just for a technician to show up and the labor and materials could cost as much as $300.00. I lost my mind! What? It never worked right to begin with! Over a thousand dollars and you want me to give you more money for something that apparently has a design flaw. After threatening to call the Better Business Bureau, they agreed to send someone out and all I would end up paying was $80.00. I have three teenage boys and a husband. $80.00 was worth it to get me up and running again. Problem seemed to be resolved, but from time to time the lights would begin flashing again, but the dryer did not stop working. (fingers crossed, walking on eggshells).

    Now it will not work at all, once again. This whole experience has been a nightmare. What a disappointment . . . Sears was once a brand you could count on. I am so angry right now.

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