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Kenmore Elite Oasis ST 68092 Electric Dryer

by roy
(Chandler, AZ)

Kenmore Elite Oasis ST 68092 Electric Dryer dries my clothes in less time than my previous drier and seems to be quieter as well. With the auto settings however clothes sometimes come out with a slight dampness requiring a few more minutes to resolve the problem.

The dryer is easy to load and the drying shelf is ideal for tennis shoes and other items that clunked around in my old drier. The high tech look adds to the pleasure of finally having an appliance that is high end and does the job as advertised. Wrinkles disappear when using the proper steam settings and no iron clothes are finally really no iron and the clothes come out fresh.

Tye viewing window was a great idea but was designed wrong because the light is in the rear of the drum and gets blocked by the clothes making the light almost useless when you have a full load to dry.

The drum capacity is adequate enough to handle large bulky items and with the proper setting does a great job on them.

There is some minor rattling of the front door, but I believe this can be resolved with and adjustment to the door hinges. The “volume” control for signaling that the cycle is done is a handy addition because I always hated the loud buzzer on my old unit that made me jump when it went off unexpectedly.

All in all the Kenmore Elite passes most of the tests for my use and is somewhat ‘dummy’ proof if you take the time to read the manual and learn about your machine before you decide to throw in a load and go to it.

I have never owned a dryer that I liked anymore than this model and I have owned a few over the years.

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