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Kenmore Elite Oasis model #7806 Gas Dryer 7.6 cu. ft.

The Kenmore Elite White Oasis Model #7806 is one of the dryers that Kenmore, a leading dryer manufacturer, takes pride in. This is not without reason. This model has several excellent features. However, this product is not without flaws. Read the article and learn about the features of this unit as well as the opinions of the consumers about this product.

Key features

Steam care Touch Up - This feature minimizes the time you spend ironing. The system relaxes wrinkles.

Bulky Bedding Cycle - The system has a cycle that caters to large loads such as thick sheets and beddings.

SteamCare Refresh - The SteamCare Refresh cycle reduces wrinkles and also removes unpleasant odors from the fabric for a cleaner and fresher laundry.

TurboDry Technology - This technology enables the clothes to dry faster through the system's large blower that increases the airflow.

GentleHeat Technology - The GentleHeat Technology ensures that your clothes won't be over dried. The system measures the temperature and moisture and automatically stops the cycle of the machine if the temperature exceeds the required heat for gentle cleaning.

Wrinkle Guard 150 - This feature tumbles clothes for 150 minutes. The best thing about this is that no heat is used, thereby preventing wrinkles from setting in at the same time reducing the fading and shrinking effect of the drying process.


There are many good points about using this model. For one, the unit's loading capacity is large that you can dry many clothes with just one loading. This model has a dimension of
42" H x 29" W x 29-1/8" D (166 lbs.) and has 7.6 cu. ft. capacity, making it one of the largest among the leading brands.

The model is also excellent on clothes that need gentle care. For instance, it can dry sweaters, shoes, and hats without tumbling them. Bulky clothes also dry fast through this machine. The dryer ensures that the fabric will be free from wrinkles. The machine also make sure that gentle drying is used for delicate materials. Some consumers say that this dryer is energy efficient because the large loading capacity minimizes the number of loading necessary.


The model has many good points. However, it is not without bad ones. One of the limitations is the design. The unit is available in plain white color. And the style is not really very modern and sleek.

Although the price of the dryer is not really very costly compared to other dryers, but with its poor style it's not really worth that price. Some consumers say that despite the manufacturers claim of fast drying, the unit really takes time drying clothes.

Consumer likes and dislikes


- Minimizes your time in ironing the clothes
- Gentle on delicate clothes, especially those that need to be dried without tumbling
- Dries clothes fast
- Has a large loading capacity
- Energy-efficient


- Limited options for style and design
- A bit pricey if compared to other units with more stylish appearance
- Takes a lot of time drying clothes compared to other models

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Comments for Kenmore Elite Oasis model #7806 Gas Dryer 7.6 cu. ft.

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Nov 30, 2015
This thing should be called a vacuum cleaner because it sucks!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Takes forever to dry. Probably faster to hang up the clothes.

Apr 10, 2012
Oasis Drum Chipping
by: Anonymous

I bought the Oasis dryer about two years ago. Basically I am happy with it. However the rim of the drum behind the lint filter is chipping. The area is about one inch wide by six to seven inches long. I had a cheaper dryer for over twenty years that held up better than this. I am very disappointed.

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