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Kenmore Elite HE4T Washer 3.8 cu ft

by Joel Licea
(Reedley, CA, USA)

Upon purchasing the Whirlpool I was hesitant because of the overwhelming amount of buttons that I noticed on the front of the machine. I kept shopping for different kinds of washing machines but ultimately I just couldn't resist buying the Whirlpool because it was the only washing machine that I had gotten plenty of good word of mouth reviews about.

At first I couldn't figure out how I was going to learn how to use all these new settings that I have never seen before but as time passed they kinda just grew on me. Now surprisingly one of my favorite features about this washer is the fact that I get to customize each wash exactly how I want to.

There is one complaint I do have about this washer though and that is the fact that it is front facing and low to the ground so I constantly have to bend over and put the clothes in but I understand that this is not a problem for everybody since my mom is 4 11" and it is perfect for her. I have also seen some drawer lifters for this washing machine but for 200$ I would rather do the little extra amount of effort.

All in all I would say that this is a great washing machine for anybody that is willing to learn a tiny bit about different settings to get the best wash each time.

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Feb 16, 2019
Best Washer ever. NEW
by: Claudia

After 13 years of faithful service with not even one problem with my Kenmore Elite HE45, my motor board just went out and will cost too much to have the machine fixed. It's like parting with a wonderful friend. I hope I can find another machine as good as this one has been.

Feb 18, 2018
worst design .. flawed parts NEW
by: Joe

Endless list of consumer complaints online. We replaced the computer within 2 years. Now I have found the spider bracket on the back of the wash tub is literally dissolved and broken in several places. Sears doesn't carry the part and I've been online searching for days to find a replacement part. For what we paid for this machine it's been broken down several times. Very disappointing purchase

Jun 21, 2012
i wish i had returned both the washer and dryer
by: pandr from woodstock ga

I also had always bought sears brand this washer i can not even begin to tell you how upset i am with this unit it has been a nightmare my clothes are so badly wrinkled even though it has been several years i feel sears should replace both of these units at no charge and you really can not put more in it and there is not enough water in the machine we both hate it so bad we just went out and bought something else

Oct 22, 2010
defective machine
by: Anonymous

Terrible. Don't waste your money. I can buy a new washer for pretty much what it will cost to replace the two computer boards (over $500!).
I spent half the morning on the phone getting the runaround from Sears. This machine is 3 years old and is just now a really expensive doorstop. They won't fix it without me paying through the nose because it's out of warranty (like that helped), even though I had problems with it a year ago as well (was told back then I needed to replace a circuit board, but just unplugging and plugging the machine back in solved the problem then by rebooting the computer).
The supervisor of Sears' repair dept. claimed that I couldn't go higher up in the food chain, as it were than her, which is surely a lie. Of course she also said that because we bought it at the Sears scratch and dent store in Pgh, it was probably a returned machine. Also a lie on somebody's part, since we were told at the time of purchase that it was brand new.

I'm considering contacting the PA attorney general consumer affairs dept because I feel I was sold defective merchandise. Also the IL AG consumer affairs dept. because that's where Sears is headquartered. I said as much on Sears.com's website.

At this point, I'm so angry I can just spit. So I'm telling every blog I can my keyboard to -- don't buy from Sears, and *don't* buy this washer.

Oct 22, 2010
Kenmore HE 4T
by: Anonymous

We purchased our kenmore HE 4T washer and dryer set with the pedestals almost 5 years ago. Very expensive, but with our past experiences with kenmore products we figured we couldn't go wrong..They have been horrible! The washer has major mildew problems with the clothes smelling bad when they come out of the machine. We have had an ongoing problem with the machine not wanting to run a complete cycle so you are constantly re-setting the machine. The dryer door wants to keep popping open and clothes not completely drying during the cycle.I am now using a clothes line when I have to leave before the clothes are dry. We have had repairmen out several times only for the problem to re-occur. Would not recommend to anyone! So now after almost 5 years we are considering purchasing another set. Which will not be a front load or a kenmore!

Sep 12, 2010
Boot problems and spider mount bad!!
by: Chuck

We had problems with the last Kenmore Elite series but spent the money thinking we would get a better product. Went with the Elite HE4T. Went though 4 boots in 5 years!!!! Terrible design!! There is a mount on the back that holds the tub in place. I was told that the bearings go bad fast which causes the spider mount to break. Due to this the tub wobbles terribly which causes the rubber boot to tear. Not only do you get water all over, but the part is over $100.00. It is not easy to change but I am good at it now. It takes at least a week to get the part and during that time you will have to go to a laundromat to wash. They were not helpful AT ALL!!! Save your money because they have not fixed this problem with the elite 5t. RIP OFF!! Do not stand by their product either. JUNK JUNK!! spider mount is over $500. JUNK

Jul 01, 2010
Very disappointed
by: Anonymous

We almost always buy Kenmore appliances, as they are usually highly rated by consumer reports. We purchased this washer in early 2005. The first three years we had this washer, everything was great. Then we started with the mildew problem. We bought the special cleaners, and have mostly been able to keep the mildew in check, but it's a pain. The last two years, we've had problems with the washer stopping mid-cycle and needing to be reset, and also with the door latch not working properly. We've always mangaged to get it going again, until now. From many online reviewers, I am guessing we also need a new computer board, which will be so expensive we are going to buy new and hopefully get a decent washer this time. My mom has a Speedqueen washer from 1975 that's still going strong, and after 6 years, our washer that cost us almost $1000 (after tax and delivery) is useless.

Apr 03, 2009
Can't handle big loads
by: Kirk

The Kenmore Elite HE4 is a good washer/dryer. We haven't had any problems, even though we have had the unit for over 6 years. We have 7 kids and so it gets plenty of use, day after day.

It is a high efficiency washer, so it uses less detergent than a conventional washer. It does a pretty good job of cleaning, although we have noticed that small loads have to be done in order for the loads to always come out smelling clean and fresh.

One thing that we have to watch is that socks will disappear between the drum and the body of the washer at times. They slip in between the rubber seal that is in place to keep that from happening. We have lost several socks in there, but they can usually be extracted when we think to check there.

The washer has only had one problem that required a service call. After about 3 years, the detergent dispenser compartment stopped draining the detergent into the load like it is supposed to. The repairman took it apart and found that the valve that lets water into the compartment had built up some corrosion and it wasn't allowing the valve to turn. A little bit of cleaning up and lubricating, and it went back to working fine.

The dryer does a good job as well. It handles large and small loads without problems, as long as the screen is clean. We haven't had any problems with the dryer at all.

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