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Kenmore Elite Clothes Dryer

by Elizabeth

We have had Kenmore Elite gas dryer since 2003 and it has performed wonderfully. It has an extra large capacity and is energy efficient, both necessary for a family of six. You can choose your level of dryness and it offers six automatic dry cycles from ultra delicate to heavy duty.

It also has three manual dry settings: timed dry, express dry (great for drying that soccer uniform right before the game) and touch up (perfect for fluffing up clothes that have been sitting in the dryer). On the manual settings there are six temperature settings from which to choose, from high to air dry. It also has a wrinkle guard option, which is will keep the clothes tumbling if you cannot remove the clothes from the dryer right away.

It has a lighted status panel that tells you where in the cycle the dryer is and how dry the clothes are. No matter how full the dryer is, the clothes come out evenly dried to my specifications.

The lint trap is in front and easy to remove and replace. It is relatively quiet for a gas dryer. This is the one and only appliance we have not had any trouble with as long as the vent hose is kept clean and clear of lint.

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Apr 13, 2010
fine if you don't overload
by: Anonymous

I purchased it at Sears several years ago and it is still going strong. The price of the dryer was somewhere between $350 and $400 at the time. The dryer itself is a high capacity, king size dryer. However, I still wish it were bigger. The dryer uses an electrical hook up to power, instead of gas. This particular model is an energy star, however, so it does not use very much power to operate.

The dryer works rather well if it is not over-loaded. Over-loading this dryer will cause the clothes to take longer to dry. However, usually the clothes get dry within about 45 minutes and there are seldom any wrinkles to be found. In fact, I sometimes use the dryer specifically to remove wrinkles from clothes. It works very well for this if I just place the wrinkled garments in and dry them on regular heat for about five or ten minutes. There is a lint filter in the front which is visible with the dryer door opened. It is easy to access and very easy to clean as well. The dryer also comes with an optional shoe rack, which can be inserted into the dryer and secured so that shoes may be dried without a lot of noise or the door flying open. The shoe rack is large enough that three pair of shoes could easily be dried at the same time. My only complaint with the shoe rack is that it is rather large and when it is not in use, I have to find a place to put it, as there is no storage compartment for this addition. The dryer has a good appearance and a white finish. Although it is a king sized dryer, the machine is constructed so that it takes up as little space as possible, which is always a plus since the space in my laundry room is very limited. The controls are also very self-explanatory and easy to operate, compared to some of the more modern dryers. Over all, this has been pretty good dryer. It does the job and doesn't cost a lot to run.

Jul 16, 2009
Expensive but quality
by: Anonymous

- energy efficient
- very quiet
- Expensive
- Steam cycle is long

My husband recently bought me this awesome Kenmore washer from Sears for Christmas since I had wanted one for a long time. It is a front load washer that is also large capacity. I can do about 24 bath towels at a time.

I don't have that many usually but in the summer when everyone comes over to use the pool, I use a lot of bath towels.

The Kenmore Elite is 4.4 cubic feet and has 6 different temperature settings. I love that feature since I am picky when it comes to laundry. Another great feature about this washer is that it has a steam cycle. The steam kills 99.9% of bacteria.
The machine is extremely energy efficient. I saved about $8 a month on my electric bill. It may not seem like a lot but it adds up.

The reason this machine is so energy efficient is that is uses less water and uses less electric.
I have small kids so the steam cycle works great for getting out tough stains.

The machine has a detergent, bleach and fabric softener dispenser.
The downside to this machine is that it is expensive as heck. My hubby paid about $1,350.00 for the Kenmore Elite.

I think it is well worth it but still a bit on the pricey side. I recommend this machine to those who have small kids and large families.

I say this because the large capacity feature lets you do more laundry in a single load which in turn saves you time.

Jan 12, 2009
Great cool down period - no wrinkles
by: Karen

When my old dryer gave out I had to get another one fast because I don’t like not having one.
I purchase this Kenmore Total Care – Elite and have been the happy with the quality and service. I wanted one that was dependable but Kenmore was not familiar to me. I never owned one before.

I didn’t care about fancy or computer run, I just wanted one that would dry my cloths and be energy efficient. It’s a front loading dryer and has a large drum capacity and will hold a whole load from the washer.

There are many choices on temperature, fabric, time, load size, and a dry cleaning mode that I like a lot and it a great time saver. The lint filter is on the small size but it just means I have to clean it after every load. I especially like the cool down period. It tells me when the cloths are dry then runs every four or five minutes so the clothes won’t get wrinkled.

It’s quiet and the only problem I had was the dinger that rings when it’s done drying. It was easy to put some tape around it and now it’s not a problem anymore. I have been using this dry several time a week and have not had any problems with it. Its still runs as quiet and smooth as it did when I first got it.

Jan 12, 2009
No need to iron wrinkled clothes anymore
by: Anonymous

I simply can not live with out this machine anymore. We don't have a large family but my husband and I have two younger kids, one 8 the other 2. Between all of us there is a never ending supply of laundry to do. I, like most people, am not a fan of doing the wash but the kenmore Elite Gas Dryer makes it much easier to do.

I have recommended this machine to my friends and family soon after I got it home. It actually can sense how long your clothes will take to dry. Its much more energy efficient than my old dryer was. It does a much better job at it too. The dryer is 7.5 cu feet of drying space, plenty for larger items like blankets or the occasional stuffed animal.

I finally don't have to bring all our bedding to the local laundry mat to do, my machine is plenty big! The other amazing thing is the steam. I don't always make it to folding the laundry right away, sometimes they end up in the basket for a while and get wrinkled. Not a problem anymore. Just pop your wrinkled clothing into the dryer and let the steam refresh all your stuff. No need to iron or wear wrinkled clothing!!

I recommend this to everyone. I can't wait to get the matching washer next!

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