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Kenmore Elite 45986 front load washer

by Moriah
(asheville, nc)

I am very disappointed with this washer. We were spending too much money on water and electricity when we purchased this machine and its matching dryer. It was a very big purchase for us but the salesman assured us that it was well worth the money.

We could not afford the extended warranty on either machine and just went with the one year automatic plan. Since it's purchase, the original transmission quit working and needed to be replaced.

Also we needed to call a repairman when our laundry room was flooded due to a n issue with the machine draining properly. While both of those were covered, the button dials on the machine were not. The coating on them is all but gone and we've owned it for less than a year.

I would not recommend this machine to anyone that is looking for a quality piece of machinery. I hope that someone will read this and not shell out the huge price that goes along with this monstrosity.

I also find the fact that it is front loading inconvenient and annoying. We have a very narrow opening that both machines barely fit it and because it is front loading the door swings to the side.

There isn't enough room for the door of the washing (or dryer) to open completely. The salesman didn't go over things like that in the store and it really wasn't something we thought would end up being a problem. Granted that part is our fault but bending down 20 times to pull out clothes and then bending down again to put them in the dryer is tough on the back.

I do like the look of both machines. They are very stylish and attractive looking. They are a little larger than I would have hoped for but that isn't really the problem.

Yes, the clothes are cleaner and the water bill is cheaper but the aggravation just isn't worth it. Don't be fooled by the flashy colors or the amazing deals they offer on this machine. You're better off going to the laundry mat. I give this product a thumbs down.

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