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Kenmore Electronic Sensor Ultra Fabric Care Heavy Duty Soft Heat Dryer

by Melody
(Buffalo, NY)

That is truly the name of the dryer - whew!

It does all of the above and more!

My dryer has many different choices I can make, such as duration of drying, types of items I am drying (knit, gentle, perma press, heavy duty).

This dryer even has a buzzer that sounds when the drying cycle is completed. This is good, because sometimes I forget that I put a load in. I can dry perma press items and take them out the minute I hear the buzzer and the piece of clothing is ready to go!

Our Kenmore dryer takes a beating because everyone in our family uses it and some of our people aren't the most gentle with electronic things!

The only thing I can complain about and I don't know if this is something particular to side loading dryers, but if you don't push the clothing all the way in, they can get caught up in the door and when you are done, they are twirled around like the top of a custard cone! No harm done, you just wash the item of clothing, dry it again (remembering to push it a-l-l the way in) and voila it is like new!

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Mar 12, 2014
Kenmore Electronic Sensor Ultra Fabric Care Heavy Duty Soft Heat Dryer NEW
by: Donna

Hi this is response to the person who asked "how old" is this dryer. I still have mine, I love it but alas I think it is almost time to replace it. My Kenmore is Model 66818 and I bought it brand new in 1988 when I moved into my first home. It has never had any issues and has served me faithfully for 25 years and that says alot for an appliance. I hate to have to replace it because I don't believe I will get another dryer that will last me this long. I still haven't replaced it yet but it is starting to take longer to dry clothes and I am having to run it longer and more often than I want and it's starting to add up on the electric bill. Yikes ! the drum has been "rubbing" for awhile so it's been louder than I wanted but it has worked and served me well. I had bought the matching washer at the same time I bought the dryer but it eventually died in 1996. So I have a Whirlpool washer now but I think it's time to replace them both soon. Hope this helps.. Got my eye on an LG washer and dryer....

Feb 19, 2009
Dries really fast
by: Anonymous

This heavy duty washing machine has a large chamber for drying large loads of laundry. With heat levels options from cotton to delicate to regular fabrics this drying machine dries clothes and other cloth materials in less than a quarter of the time that it would take for the vestment to dry on a clothes line.

The efficiency of this machine cuts laundry time down to a fraction of what it would be if one were to line dry their clothes and other materials. Such an effective drying time allows the customer to finish more loads in less time. While in operation this machine is so quiet that you won’t remember it is running until you are startled by the ring that goes off when a load is done.

This dryer has multiple dimensions that go with its drying process. With a settings knob that gives you an option of time dry, or automatic dry this allows the dryer to be used for green purposes. Many times a washer will finish a load well before a dryer will be able to finish drying, no matter how fast the dryer is.

This dryer has an option for users to half machine dry, and half line dry a load. If your washing machine finishes a load before your dryer just set the dial to less dry, and by the time the washer finishes its load the dryer will be ready to start a new load.

Another aspect of this dryer that makes it a valuable household commodity is its lint catching chute. Emptying this chute often will let this machine run smoothly time after time, catching unwanted lint that can cling to clothes, sometimes causing embarrassing circumstance.

All in all, this dryer is a top of the line household item that can make a time consuming task such as laundry as simple as 1-2-3.

Nov 14, 2008
how old?
by: Anonymous

We have the same type of the dryer left by the previous owner. The model number of ours is 110.86683720 with a stock number of 66837. It is still working. We are curious how old the dryer is. Would you please let us know how old yours is, if the same model number is on your dryer?


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