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Kenmore dryers have alwasy been a top choice. If you are looking for a dryer for your home, no doubt you want to get the best one possible. You want a dryer that is affordable and one that will do a great job on your clothing. One of the great names in dryers is Kenmore.

This company offers a variety of different styles of dryers and you may find yourself a bit overwhelmed with what they have to offer. So, the following is a comparison of the various dryers they have to offer you so you can make an informed choice when you pick out your next dryer.

Kenmore Elite HE5 Steam

When it comes to Kenmore dryers, the Elite HE5 Steam is at the top of the line. This dryer comes with the special SteamCare technology offered by Kenmore, which has a special touch up cycle and a special refresh cycle. Wrinkle guard also comes with this dryer, to keep your clothes from ending up in a wrinkled mess. With a large size of 7.4 cubic feet, you can dry even the largest loads with ease.

Kenmore Elite HE3 Steam

While the Kenmore Elite HE3 Steam is much like the HE5 Steam, it does have a few differences. One of the most obvious differences is in size. While the HE5 has 7.4 cubic feet of room, the HE3 only has 7.0 cubic feet of room to work with. However, this size is still great for most people, and you’ll save a few hundred on the price tag as well. It comes with a special QuietPak that keeps the noise scream, and a variety of other convenience features, such as cycle status lights, door windows, and even a check lint screen light.

Kenmore Super Capacity HE2 Dryer

The Kenmore Super Capacity HE2 Dryer is a roomy dryer that boasts 6.7 cubic feet of room for drying your clothes. It also has the Quiet Pack sound insulation package and features a drying rack as well. An auto dry level selection comes with this dryer, which measures the temperature and moisture in the dryer, and then shuts it off when the clothes are dry.

Kenmore Elite Oasis Canyon Capacity Gas Dryer

This dryer comes with a whopping 7.5 cubic feet of room, which makes it obvious why it includes the words “Canyon Capacity” in the name. It has a special Dual Action drying system that adapts to every load you put in the dryer. This happens to be the largest dryer out there among the top brands, which actually works to help your clothes dry faster. It also features a new GentleHeat technology by Kenmore that helps to dry close gently and fast. Wrinkle Guard, the QuietPak, and even a heated dryer wrack come as standard features.

Kenmore King Size Capacity Dryer

The Kenmore King Size Capacity Dryer also has 7.5 cubic feet or room to work with, and you can fit in large rugs and even large comforters for drying. This dryer comes with moisture sensing strips in the dryer that monitor the moisture inside the dryer. When the clothes are dry, it automatically shuts the dryer off to keep you from over drying your clothes. There are five different temperatures to choose from, and a heated dryer rack is included, as well as wrinkle guard.

Kenmore Elite Oasis Super Capacity Dryer

The Kenmore Elite Oasis Super Capacity Dryer has a not too shabby 6.8 cubic feet of room and matches the Oasis washer. It features TurboDry technology as well as EvenHeat technology from Kenmore, which helps to dry clothes faster in a gentle way. There are five different temperatures that you can choose from, and it has a drum light, a damp dry signal, a cycle status light, and a special Quiet Package in it.

Kenmore Elite HE3 Steam

Kenmore Super Capacity Plus Dryer

Also offered in the Kenmore dryer range is their Super Capacity Plus Dryer. This dryer is quite large, with 7.0 cubic feet of room and it features Wrinkle Guard , which is a great feature to have. There are four different temperatures that you can use and it also has a quiet package in it. However, you won’t find some of the convenience features of some other dryers, such as the status light or a check lint screen light. Still, for the price of $529.99, it is still a dryer worth taking a look at.

Kenmore Capacity Compact Stackable Dryer

If you are looking for a stackable and compact dryer, then you may want to consider the Kenmore Capacity Compact Stackable Dryer. This dryer is built to fit in small places and it only has 3.4 cubic feet of room in it. It does have an Auto Dry feature and Wrinkle Guard will keep your load going to keep the clothing from wrinkling.

Kenmore Extra Large Capacity Dryer

One of the cheaper dryers offered by Kenmore is the Kenmore Extra Large Capacity Dryer, which comes with 5.9 cubic feet of room for your clothes and other items you want to dry. It comes with the QuietPak, with Wrinkle Guard, and Auto Moisture Sensing as well. A drum light is included to help you see your laundry better and there is an end of cycle signal, which you can either turn on or off.

Kenmore Compact Portable Extra Capacity Dryer

Another space saving dryer is the Kenmore Compact Portable Extra Capacity Dryer. This dryer is both portable and stackable, and can provide you with great performance in a design that will save you space. There are three different drying cycles and two temperatures to choose from. Auto Dry II is also included and an end of cycle signal helps you know when the laundry is done drying. A top kenmore dryer worth considering Related Article Kenmore Portable Washing Machine

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