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Kenmore Dryer 2688042

by Barbara Kincaid
(Wallback Wv USA)

We purchased this dryer in June 2008. A perfect match to our Kenmore front load washer. Both of my parents and I are very happy with this purchase and we got a good deal at Sears.

Low noise. So far the performance is excellent and we all expect many years of service. We all were a bit disappointed at the price for the pedestal ($200.00) that you HAVE to have because without the pedestal the unit sets far to low on the floor for normal use. If one was in a wheel chair or perhaps shorter than normal one would not need the pedestal. On the good side the pedestal is a drawer so we do store laundry soap and other stuff in it.

We like the press pad operation, my parents are elderly and both have problems with there hands and turning knobs is not easy for them so having this feature is a must for our household. One would think this is needed for others with disabilities as well.

The unit does get very hot quickly and that is the name of the game for saving money in the long run as well as sterilizing the cloths. The unit has a variety of hot to cool settings for all or our needs. And we have not seen a rise in our electric bill that make us all happy.

The unit came with a drying rack that mounts on the inside for shoes and what not, but so far we have never used the rack. It is a nice looking piece of equipment which is important to us since we have it upstairs and the washer and dryer are the first thing you see when you come in the back door.

I would recommend this product and Sears made it easy with there special purchase plan of 1 year without payments and interest free but be sure to read the fine print before you sign interest is accruing and will be posted to your account after one year if not paid in full before the one year. And Sears has cut out delivery in our rural area even when we offered to pay extra for fuel charge they would not deliver.

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