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Kenmore 90 series Model #110.26912691

by Michelle
(Knoxville, TN)

There are many washing machines on the market and it can be bewildering when trying to buy the right one. Potential buyers can look at the most basic model to the most technologically advanced models that will steam clean your clothes.

When looking for a washing machine that is midway on the chain for a descent price I have found the best washing machine I have ever had is a Kenmore 90 Series Model #110.26912691

This washing machine will do a variety of things that most households can benefit from. Wash speeds include regular, heavy duty, hang dry, extra delicate, and hand washable.

One reason I wanted this washer was because I didn’t want to actually hand wash my delicate clothing in the sink anymore.

All clothing I have that specifies hand washing only goes in the washer on the hand wash setting and I have always had positive results.

This model features four water temperature settings or you can choose from one of three auto temperature control settings. Water levels can easily be adjusted even mid-cycle and if you need a 2nd rinse all you do is turn one knob.

A last feature I love is that you can prewash or even soak clothing in the washer itself for a predetermined amount of time before the regular cycle begins. While this machine may not have all of the bells and whistles most current models have, this washer has all the features I need for the needs of my family.

As a bonus, this model was affordable and very durable. I have had this washer for nearly 10 years and it is still running without any problems.

My mother always swore by her Kenmore appliances and I can now understand why. My Kenmore washer has been the best washing machine I have ever owned.

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Dec 10, 2011
determining age of washer-dryer from model no.
by: Bryan

I called kenmore 800 number and hit promp for problem need new parts. Then asked c. service lady what year my unit was built. Gave her the model number and name of the unit,and she told me 1994 (etc.). Google...Kenmore 800 number or phone number.

Nov 09, 2011
Need Help with Water Flow Problem
by: Joyce

I just paid $100 for a Model #110.26812691 advertised on Craiglist. The washer overflowed the first time I used it. No matter what water level is selected, the water won't shut off automatically; I must manually halt the flow by pulling the knob and stopping the washer. I tried turning the dial to advance the cycle, but the next action that doesn't involve running water is . At this point, I'm the only thing agitated. Can this be fixed or should I cut my losses and look elsewhere?

Aug 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

How much is the washer worth?

Jan 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

what is the capacity

Jan 15, 2011
Not Recommended
by: Anonymous

10 yrs old and it's dead. They don't make them to last any longer.

Jan 02, 2011
To Sandy - age of washers
by: Anonymous

To Sandy -

I have the model 110.20902990.
I purchased it in March, 2000 and it just died.
So to answer your question about age, the ones you are looking at are about 10 years old.

May 02, 2010
Kenmore 90 series clothes washer question
by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me the age year manufactured and capacity of the Sears Kenmore 90 series clothes washer model 111. 26934690?

My husband has fixed it twice and now it works but the rust on the corners of the lid has stained some clothes.

Jul 08, 2009
What is the cubic feet of the 90 Series?
by: Emelia

Hi! What is the Cubic Feet of the 90 Series Kenmore super capacity plus? I can't find the info anywhere on the machine ... :)


Mar 20, 2009
Need age info
by: Sandy

I'm looking to buy a used Kenmore washer but can't find any info as to how old the machines are. I have 3 different model numbers and the machines all look the same.


Any ideas where I can find this? I've already tried the Sears site and some repair sites.

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