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Kenmore 600 capacity Gas Dryer (Model #7962) 7.0 cu. ft.

This is a large-capacity dryer with a number of useful features, making it an ideal choice for large homes. The popular features of this gas dryer includes the auto moisture sensor and Wrinkle Guard.

Key features

  • The auto moisture sensor is perfect for knowing when the load is ready to be taken out. This feature also saves on energy because it turns the cycle off when the load is completely dry.
  • The wide opening hamper door allows easy access to the load.
  • The 11 dry cycles allow you to customize the drying cycle according to the kind of fabric you have in the load.
  • Wrinkle Guard prevents wrinkles by tumbling the load for 40 minutes without heat to prevent the laundry from settling down.
  • The 20-minute Touch Up cycle is perfect for loads that have been sitting in the dryer for too long.
  • Dry delicates without heat with the air fluff feature, raincoats easy and also keeps the fabric of other articles of clothing soft.
  • Its large capacity makes this dryer perfect for large homes.
  • The drum light makes sorting out the clothes inside the drum easy to do.


    The unit is perfect for drying large loads, best for those who are used to washing laundry in the weekends. Despite its size, the unit comes with auto moisture sensor, which helps you save on energy by turning off the cycle when no moisture is detected in the unit. And for something with this capacity, the
    unit is surprisingly more affordable.


    The unit is very loud, especially the drum when it rotates. The loud thump can be heard regularly and while it goes away in some units, a replacement is needed when it does not. When it comes to drying, the unit never seems to fully dry on auto so that you are left adding a few more minutes of drying to get a completely dry load.

    Drying times are also very long with some as long as hours to dry one load. In some cases, the auto moisture sensor tends to break down first. Some users have noticed that the auto dry sensor only works when you put it on extra dry mode.

    Consumer likes and dislikes


  • perfect for large loads for large homes
  • auto sensor moisture is perfect for saving energy (it measures the moisture level of water in the load and adjusts the drying cycle to turn off when the moisture is gone)
  • stainless steel drum prevents rusting and chipping, which often causes snags especially in soft fabric types like wool and yarn


  • drum makes noise (If the problem is the roller in the drum, this may go away after a few weeks of use.)
  • auto moisture sensor is often the first feature that breaks down
  • sometimes doesn?t dry unless it is placed on extra dry
  • drying time takes too long, especially with very large loads

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