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Kenmore 500 Series Electric Model #110.68522700

I love this dryer. For one thing it holds larger loads of clothes and actually dries them all. It has three different heat settings and the dials are very easy to understand and use. This is great since I do a lot of laundry and most of it is the cloth diapers I use on my 7 month old twins.

The larger drum helps because my old dryer couldn't handle many my husband's jeans because he is 7 foot tall and his pants are very long. My old dryer could only handle 3 or 4 pairs of pants, otherwise it wouldn't get dry. This Kenmore can handle 6 to 8 pairs of pants and they are always dryer withing 60 minutes even on medium heat.

This dryer allows my to dry even my diaper covers without damaging them. The dryer is energy efficient, at least I think so, because my electric bill has no went up any from using it.

The only bad thing about the dryer that I can say is 3 months after purchasing it, the belt broke and it wasn't covered under the warranty so I had to pay to fix it. Though it wasn't much, it was very inconvenient.

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