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Kenmore 500 Electric Dryer Model 69522

by Karen

I love Kenmore Dryers. They take a beating, and they rarely break down. I've never purchased any other dryer since my first Kenmore when I got my second apartment when I turned 21. So how do I know Kenmore is better? Because of my family and friends, they had problems with the knobs and sometimes the heating elements would break down. Later, the only reason I decided to purchase a new Kenmore was because it was a funky yellow color, it was pretty ugly, but it still worked.

And so, when my husband and I bought our first home, I decided to update my dryer. Unfortunately, buying a new house had put me on a pretty tight budget, so I searched for one of the less expensive Kenmore models. And this model was perfect. It cost me a little of three hundred dollars.

It is a large capacity dryer, which is great for a family of four, two of which are children under six! I wash at least four loads a week, so I knew that I needed quality at an affordable price. I have not had any problems with this dryer. I am happy with it and I love it.

It is a clean white color. And because I have young children, I love the touch up feature. That is where you can let the clothes tumble for about twenty minutes in order to get rid of any wrinkles that might have set-in after leaving the clothes in the dryer overnight. This is due to falling asleep reading my children’s favorite night-time book, for the third time! ("Just one more time, Mommy!")

This model also has a drum light, which I do not particularly need, but it is nice not having to turn on a light in the laundry room when removing clothes at night. It also has eight or nine different settings for washing, but I only use two of them. Delicates?! Not anymore, most of my stuff is cotton, and a lot of it!

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