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Kenmore (4472) White Compact Portable Top-Load Washing Machine 2.1 cu. ft.

The Kenmore Compact Portable washer (4472), is a compact top loading washer, which facilitates easy loading of the laundry. This washer is also portable, making it very easy for you to move it around your home. This washer offers several cycle options and speed combinations to make sure that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned.

Interior Features
  • The washing machine is equip with Hand Wash cycle that allows you to wash your delicate items without fear of wearing them out easily.
  • The washing machine has a bleach dispenser that helps you add bleach to the water the easy and efficient way.
  • The wash basket of this washing machine is made of stainless steel. The wash basket does not easily get scratched. The wash basket also resists odors and stains.
  • The washing machine has 4 wash cycles and 3 speed combinations for caring different types of fabric.

    Exterior Features

  • The washing machine is compact and portable, allowing you an easy installation. With this washing machine, you don't have to worry even if the laundry room at your home is not very spacious.
  • The washing machine comes in a classic white color. The color of this washer can complement any type and design of laundry room.
  • The control panel is elegantly designed, making it the perfect addition to a stylish home.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22-3/4 in
    Width: 22-1/4 in.
    Height: 22.75"
    Total volume: 2.1 cu. ft.


    Kenmore Top Loading Machine 4472 is liked by a lot of consumers because of its portability. This washing machine can look great even
    if you have a very small laundry area. The washer is also designed in such a way that it could protect and at the same time thoroughly wash your delicate items. Dispensing bleach through this washing machine is also easy because of its bleach dispenser. On tops of these, the washing machine is made of stainless steel that ensures its durability. Consumers are also pleased with the various cycle options that this washer provides. The different cycles make sure that the washing machine can clean whatever type of clothes you have, wether delicate or not.


    The washing machine is not very attractive when it comes to apppearance. The washer comes in plain white color. If you want a stylish and elegant washing machine, this one is not the best choice. The washing machine cannot really handle large amount of loads. The washer is small so you have to load several times if your laundry is of large amount. This washing machine is not widely available because there are shops online that don't offer this washer.


  • Allows you to easily dispnese bleach
  • Protects delicate items
  • Allows the thorough cleaning of clothes
  • The stainless steel wash basket can last for a long time
  • Has several cycle options
  • The unit is very portable
  • The design looks great
  • Protects while thoroughly washes delicate items
  • Includes a bleach dispenser for your convenience
  • Very durable and easy to use


  • has limited color and design
  • accommodates a small load at a time
  • not widely available

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    Jan 11, 2012
    Nice Washer
    by: Patty Benoit

    I've had this washer for almost two years and the only complaint I have is that the agitator has stopped turning and am in the process of trying to figure out if the Ring that makes it turn is what is wrong with it or not (been told this might be the problem) and where exactly the Ring is located. Otherwise, a great little washer.

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