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Kenmore 417.41142000

by Deborah
(New York)

This washer is just coming up to 8 years old. We've already replaced the motor (at 7 years in) and now it's leaking out the bottom and making a horrible noise in the final spin. Something must have come loose.

We're limping along with it, using towels to sop up the water underneath it and stopping it before it goes into the final spin. As far as I'm concerned it's not worth fixing it (although we haven't gotten an estimate yet) and we're looking to replace.

I expected this to last for at least 15 years without major issues. I believe this is one of the Frigidaire models that Sears sold back in 2001 and I understand there are major problems with these units.

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Jun 16, 2010
Poor design of spider
by: David F

The recesses in the hub of these spiders , in my opinion, hold water water even after the fastest spin. This water contains very small quantities of laundry aids which,as the water evaporates, increase their level of concentration to above a pH value of about 8.0 at which time corrosion of the aluminium spider commences.
Should you be fortunate enough to avoid the corrosion issue, and I believe many owners do, by not using bleach and the 'Oxi' type laundry aids you may be a candidate for the 'the smell'.'The smell' moldy and mildew, is sometimes caused by a build up of 'crud' in the recesses of the spider hub soil left behind as the water evaporates. Should you be really lucky, like us, you can get both in the one machine. On the other hand my sister-in-law only got 'the smell'and only very rarely using bleach. There was some corrosion on the spider from her machine but not enough to give cause for concern.

May 03, 2010
loved the washer
by: Anonymous

We had this washer for almost exactly 8 years and now something inside the drum broke. Can't remember what it was called but the replacement part plus labor would be about $530 so we decided to get a new one. I loved this washer. They are expected to last 8-12 years, so even on the "younger" side this washer had a full life. It worked great and I am more than satisfied with it. The reason it broke, I was told, was either the wrong detergent (nope), too much detergent (nope again), or washing rugs (whoops, guilty as charged). Won't be washing rugs in the new one.

Apr 02, 2010
Kenmore motor control unit available
by: Karl

My Kenmore of this model just died for the same spider bracket reason. If you want that motor control unit, contact me at radiatorz@aol.com and maybe we can work something out.

Apr 01, 2010
dreaded spider braket breakdown
by: GLK

Sounds like the dreaded spider braket breakdown problem. Sears Parts Direct sells the replacement spider bracket & spin-tub unit for $217, w/shipping, as of June 2009. I decided to spend this money and did the labor myself, but before installing it, I coated the replacement aluminum bracket (just as vulnerable to deterioration) with two coats of primer, one layer of auto-body epoxy, filled the space between the aluminum bracket and the stainless steel spin-tub with water resistant insulating foam, and finally coated everything with silicone sealant. The other day two inches of flood water reached the motor controller mounted on the bottom of the macheine and something on the circuit board fried. The washer won't spin or tumble. Now I'm trying to locate a used replacement part. No doubt there must exist scores of junked machines like this one, the question is where to find one where I can recover the motor cotroller unit--unless I want to give Sears another $150 for a new one.

Nov 25, 2009
Kenmore front load washer 417.41042000
by: Chris Miller

These washer have a "spider" bracket between the drive shaft and the inner stainless steel drum that dissolves over time and breaks. The labor and replacing other parts damaged by this failure will make this repair to expensive to be worth it.

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