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Kenmore 3.2 cu. ft. Super Capacity Washer

by Florence
(Round Lake Beach, Illinois, USA)

My laundry room is cramped for space so, I needed to buy washing machine model that would not only fit in the utility closet but also clean a decent size load of clothes.

Another criteria was it had to be economical and not cost me an arm and a leg! At under $400 and a width of 27 inches, the Super Capacity Washer by Kenmore fit my criteria perfectly.

Although it's a top loader I clean up to 14 bath sized towels in one wash. Now that's what I call SUPER capacity! When I don't have a large load, I'm happy to say there are 3 water level selections and 3 temperatures to choose from.

The dual action agitator lives up to it's "heavy duty" name. Overall, the machine runs fairly quietly except during unbalanced loads the drum bangs loudly. This only happens occasionally in the spin cycle but I consider this a good thing because it calls my attention to the uneven weight. I just lift the lid and reset the clothes.

Aside from the occasional drum brigade, it doesn't have a pre-wash or extra rinse cycle. When I need to pre-treat a stain, I just fill up the tub and let the clothes soak for a while. The machine turns on and off simply by pushing in the dial.

I've owned this machine for over two years and am very satisfied. I can truly say it is the best washer I've ever had.

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Dec 19, 2009
large and does a good job
by: Anonymous

This is a fairly standard model but it was really affordable. Look for particularly good deals now that there is all the fervor for high efficient top loaders. We were able to find a good deal on ours when we purchased it recently (we previously had a Kenmore as well when we bought this one…we sold it with the dryer for $175!).

I really like that I can wash pretty much all of the dirty towels in the house in one load, thereby saving water. It is simple and easy to use-just like a washer should be. You can pull off the turn dials to clean underneath them for the inevitable lint and ick that will get under them. (Don’t worry, they go back on easily.)

I did have a problem trying to wash my pillows. I was not sure if I overloaded the washer or if the weight of wet pillows threw the machine off balance but it was rocking like crazy.

I eventually had to ring out the pillows and put them back in before the rinse cycle and then do it again after the rinse cycle. My husband was upset but I am prepared to try again at the end of the season!

Because it is so large, make sure you use the right setting so you are not wasting water.

Other than that, I have been quite happy with my Kenmore and am sure my teenager will be looking forward to inheriting it when she graduates from college!

Nov 26, 2008
Love it
by: Anonymous

I love this washer. I have a big family and we do lots of wash. I can put at least 13 pairs of jeans in there with no problem. I also like all the settings. I can change from normal to delicate to wash items that I want to hang out to dry.

I also like that I can pick a time for each cycle. I can pick big, normal or a short run. So, if I have clothes that are not heavy dirty, I can do the short run.

This washer also allows me to select the size of the load I want. It allows me to pick from 4 different sizes.

Selecting the water temperature is nice too. You can pick from cold, warm or hot. It also has the ability to select one rinse or two rinses.

Nov 26, 2008
Doesn't look good but works great
by: Anonymous

With the name Kenmore, it's pretty obvious I bought this washer from Sears. I read Consumer Reports beforehand and did some quick looking on the web, but really I was planning on going to Sears all along- I have several Kenmore appliances and they seem to be manufactured the same way they were thirty years ago- built to last.

This company seems to value customers that only come once because their appliance lasts and lasts, not customers that keep coming back time after time because the appliance was made to wear out (or not designed for heavy use) after five or ten years.

Buying it was memorable mainly because my previous washer (also from Sears) had died a quick death... but since it lasted for 32 years I can't complain too much. I had serious sticker shock when researching new washers.

I couldn't believe the prices. Believe me, I considered pulling my mother's old-fashioned wringer washer out of the basement when I saw prices on some of the newest ones (the kind you see on home makeover shows).

I only bought it a couple of months ago (April 2008), am VERY happy with it so far. This is the most basic washer out there- no gorgeous streamlined casing, or front-loading or other fancy extras.

Fantastic price, works beautifully- the ad isn't kidding when it says it can handle 14 towels at once. I can fit a week's worth of jeans, etc. in there in one load no problem.

I'd rec it to anyone who is willing to buy a machine based on function, not appearance- well worth the savings.

Also, Sears is known for having good warranties, repair services, and if you catch a sale you can probably get an even better price than the one listed on their website.

This one is a winner.

Nov 26, 2008
Never had a problem
by: Jason

About a year ago I started looking for a new washing machine. I looked at Lowes, Home Depot, Best Buy, and Sears. I found out that there are alot of washing machines on the market. Which one do I buy? I decided to buy a Kenmore washing machine.

I talked to alot of friends about what they use, and over half the people I talked to have a Kenmore washer, a couple of friends do not have a Kenmore now, but wish they did. Anyway I bought mine from sears, when I found the one I wanted I bought it online. My new washing machine was delivery the next day.

My Kenmore has a lot of room I could wash 14 bath towels a once. I can set it to wash different size loads. Also has a second rinse cycle for when i use bleach on clothes.

It also has a Dual Action agitator to get clothes extra clean. any one looking a for a new washing machine this is a great buy.. I use it everyday never had a problem.

Nov 26, 2008
Basic washer with nice capacity
by: Elizabeth

I moved to Los Angeles from New York a few years ago, and no longer finding and laundry mats close enough to my house to do a load of wash every now and then, went on the market looking for a new washer and dryer for my house. The first place I went to check was Sears, and since I didn’t really need anything that went beyond the basics, was able to find the washer and dryer I needed at a good price.

The washer I selected was a Kenmore basic washer- though with a very high capacity as there's a lot of laundry done in our house.

I’ve had it for three years now, and it really has gone above and beyond the call of duty as far as holding up to use. There are four of us in my household and all of us do plenty of laundry, but the worst problem I’ve ever had with the machine was the buzzer being a little too annoying (you can turn it off) and having to be a little bit more precise than you'd expect with the 'settings' knob. But other than that, it’s a good machine, and one that has certainly held up over time and many, many loads of laundry.

Particularly useful is the slightly larger capacity for bigger loads, and the different load sizes to choose from - so you never feel like you're wasting water or energy. I'd definitely recommend this machine.

Nov 26, 2008
A real workhorse
by: Anonymous

I have had this washer for several years and it has been a real workhorse. This washer boasts a three speed motor that allows me to choose from six different cycles. To be honest I usually only use the cotton or permanent press setting and occasionally the soak function. This washer has performed consistently well through years of multiple loads every day.

I have broken belts on other washers with the same kind of use. Incidentally, Sears has always come out to fix those belts for the other machines. I like this washer because it is big enough to wash a load of jeans or blankets and get them clean. The machine can care for a variety of fabrics – including several cycle options that let you clean all types of clothing from towels to dedicates.

It has a delicate cycle that works well for hand washables. The bleach and fabric softener dispensers are very convenient so that I can just start the load and walk away. However, they do seem to empty into the tub right away instead of at a specific time in the cycle. Also I have to periodically clean the dispensers as they become clogged after a few uses.

The large tub gives me room for large loads. My children have overloaded the washer many times, and caused it to become unbalanced. All I have to do is redistribute the load and remove the extra clothes and it keeps on going through it all. However it does “walk” when it is unbalanced and, since it is in the basement, I only hear crunching and bangs when it does. It does seem to become unbalanced easily, but that may be because it has been used and abused so much.

The washer is just your basic boxy top-loading washer with no sense of style. I would buy this washer again if I needed another workhorse washer that I did not have to look at, but I think I would like to have a “prettier” washer or at least one with more style. Overall I think the Kenmore brand is a good value for the money.

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