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Kenmore 300

About a year ago my old washing machine went on the blink and quit working. After searching through various retailers and comparing price with quality, I decided to purchase a Kenmore 300 series. I bought it from Sears, because it was reasonably priced there. I have had the Kenmore for about a year and I have not had any problems with it. In fact, this washing machine is my favorite, because it is so easy to use. I have heard that the Kenmore name is known to be very reliable and dependable. I have proof that this statement is true.

The Kenmore fits perfectly in my laundry closet next to my room. It is a nice size and can hold a large amount of laundry. I can even put my big down comforter in the wash. Another thing I have enjoyed is that it is quiet throughout each cycle. I am able to put a load in while the kids are napping, without waking them.

Each load can take as little as ten minutes, depending on water temperature settings. I would highly recommend the purchasing the Kenmore washing machine if you are looking for a new washer. It is simple to use and has speedy cycles!

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Jan 10, 2011
Kenmore 300
by: Anonymous

I have owned this kenmore 300 for little over a year and it is leaking from the bottom somewhere.
Kenmore has really let me down my previous washer was a Kenmoree that I bought in 1985 and lasted with no issues until 2009, so I very well got my use from it. But If I would of known the 300 model was a big peice of shit, I would have never purchased it. Next time I will research any applience I buy, very well before any purchase it seem the workmanship now days is very low on new appliences. If it were up to me this applience would get a rating of ZERO!

Nov 15, 2010
Water leaking - does not appear to be hoses
by: Ruthie

Kenmore300 series washing machine. 3 years old - leaking but not from hoses. Does anyone have an idea or prior experience such as this? Hate to call in service if it turns out to be a simple repair-it-yourself problem.

May 18, 2010
Quality at the right price
by: Denise

I purchased a Kenmore Super Capacity Washing Machine 3.2 cu.ft. late in 2007 - it has provided nothing but great service. I purchased this machine because thee were so many positive reviews about it. It was easy to set up and install, and there have been no problems with this machine since installation.

It is a top loading machine with a dual agitator. It offers three water temperatures and 3 water levels. It is a no frills, no bells or whistles, get the job done kind of machine. It does not have a delicate cycle which may be a problem for some people, but I generally just hand wash delicate items.

The machine is very quiet and efficient - normally a load will be complete in about thirty minutes time. The spin cycle on the machine works great - the clothes are very water free when I remove them from the machine.

I have also washed large items in the machine such as blankets and bedspreads. This washing machine handles large items just fine - there is no need to use a commerical washer when you have the model washing machine at home. It also wrings the water out the large items very well.

I highly recommend this make and model washing machine, you cannot beat the quality you will get for a very economical price.

Feb 20, 2009
i must have got the junker
by: Randy c

I bought one of these washers as well. 1 year and almost 3 months later it died. I had it worked on and it did 2 more loads and died again. So I had to go buy another washer.

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