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Kenmore (2942) 400 Top-Load Washing Machine White 3.2 cu. ft.

The Kenmore White 400 Top-Load Washing Machine (2942) has a 3.2 cu. ft. capacity that can clean a good load size, as it is equipped with a Dual action agitator. A variety of fabrics could be cleaned with the cycle options available. Once the user has selected a cycle, the temperature is also adjusted automatically for wash temperatures to be in sync.

Interior Features
  • The machine is equipped with a bleach dispenser, spelling convenience for the user.
  • The patented Double Action agitator allows the washer to accommodate more laundry articles for more washes.
  • The white wash basket made of porcelain resists scratches and odors.
  • Automatic temperature control allows the washer to determine which temperature would be perfect for the load.
  • The washer is equipped with 10 wash cycles, perfect to be used with specific articles that need special care.
  • Heavy duty and whitest white washing cycles have been proven to remove more than 95% of allergens commonly found in households.
  • Timed Oxi™ option cleans clothes more powerfully as it releases oxygen-based stain fighters at an appropriate time.

    Exterior Features

  • The control knobs are easy to use and ergonomically designed for the user to easily grip even with wet fingers.
  • The compact appearance of the washer makes it easy for users to place it in any available space.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26 inches
    Height: 43 1/8 inches
    Width: 27 inches
    Total Volume: 3.2 cu. ft.


  • The compact set-up of the washer makes it easy to use and be placed even in limited spaces.
  • This is a no-frills washer with all the necessary features and powerful cleaning
  • Controls are very basic and easy to understand and at the same time are very functional.
  • For a very functional washer, it is also easy on the budget, so it offers value for your money.
  • Quiet operations allow for ease in use; no bothersome noises.
  • It features a Save Energy Plus option that saves 20 percent on energy on top of the 69 percent water and 66 percent energy of the machine on other cycle options.


  • This washer does not have a fabric softener dispenser.
  • It is not equipped with a buzzer or sound to signal the start of a rinse cycle.
  • Some have complained that the machine gets noisy after several use.
  • Some buyers have also encountered issues on the water temperature regulation.
  • Some parts are not that durable, and have the tendency to break down only after a couple of years' use.


  • compact unit weighing only 165 lbs.
  • ergonomic knobs
  • very functional and easy to understand controls
  • no-frills machine
  • simple and easy to set up
  • a number of functional options (4 temperature options, 4 water levels and 10 wash cycles)
  • very affordable retail price - value for money
  • quiet washer
  • energy and water efficient washer for utility savings
  • Thoroughly clean clothes that are free of bacteria and allergens

  • Cons

  • no advanced features like display screens and push buttons
  • no fabric softener dispenser
  • no sound signals to indicate beginning and ending of cycles
  • some parts easily breakdown even only after a couple of years' use
  • the machine can get noisy after several use

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    Nov 22, 2010
    very noisy
    by: Anonymous

    I've always had and liked Kenmore washers, but I purchased this one due to a very tight space in my old farmhouse.

    But this is such a noisy machine, that I regret not having many other options.

    It seems to work fine, but I've never heard such a noisy machine before.

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