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Kenmore 2900 5.0 Cu. Ft. Washing Machine

An Energy Star Qualified  White, with Stainless Steel Basket

An Energy Star Qualified White, with Stainless Steel Basket

Kenmore 2900 is a washing machine which is 5.0 Cu. Ft. with a stainless steel basket. This washing machine comes in white color. This one is Energy Star qualified.

Interior Features
  • This washing machine has a large interior. This makes it an ideal washing machine for a household with many family members. With this washing machine you can wash many clothes with just a single loading. This reduces the time you spend in washing.
  • The machine also has an Energy Star Qualification. This means that you can really save electricity with this washing machine. It can help you save 46% energy and it can also help you save 55% water.
  • The washing machine has a SmartMotion Technology custom blends which blends for up to 6 unique wash motions for thorough cleaning of clothes.
  • The washing machine also has a Soft Close Lid that enables you to gently and quietly close the door to prevent slamming.
  • It also has the innovative wash plate that cleans the laundry gently by lifting and circulating clothes through a concentrated mixture of clothes, detergent, and water.

    Exterior Features

  • The washing machine comes in a plain white color. It's color can complement any type of kitchen. However, the exterior of this washing machine is not really as elegant as the exterior of the other units.
  • The washing machine is a top-loading one. You cannot stack it on the top of tall appliances.

    Dimension and specifications

    width: 27 inches
    height: 45 7/16 inches
    depth: 28 13/32 inches
    Capacity: 5.0 cu. ft.


  • With this washing machine, you can save on electricity and
    water because it is designed to be energy-efficient. Using this washing machine will surely help you reduce the amount of money that you spend for electricity.
  • The washing machine has 6 wash motions that ensure the thorough cleaning of the laundry.
  • The large tub of the washing machine allows you to wash many clothes and comforters with just a few loadings, helping you save on time and energy.
  • The door of this washing machine is designed to close gently and quietly. with this you won't accidentally create noise if you fail to close the door gently.
  • The stainless steel basket of the washing machine makes it a durable appliance. Another great thing about this washing machine is that it is sold with up to ten years warranty. With this unit, you can actually save money in the long run for it eliminates the need to pay for the repair.
  • The washing machine also cleans gently. This means you don't have to worry even if your load is made up of delicate items. The washing machine has the innovative wash plate.


  • This washing machine is more expensive compared to other washers with almost the same features.
  • This washing machine is not available in other designs and colors. If you have a laundry room with a modern look, there are more other washing machines that can give your home a modern ambiance.


  • Soft Close Lid
  • stainless steel basket
  • Energy star qualified
  • 6 wash motions


  • expensive price
  • not available in other design
  • not available in other colors

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