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Kenmore 2800 White Top-Load Washing Machine, 4.3 Cu. Ft

800 RPM, StainBoost, Timed Oxi Dispenser

800 RPM, StainBoost, Timed Oxi Dispenser

The market is awash with many washing machines from different manufacturers, each providing features and benefits that supposedly aren't present in other brands. While the presence of many choices can be good for most consumers, it can also be a serious detriment simply because of the difficulties in choosing the right appliance for your specific needs. Fortunately, Kenmore makes the process of selecting the right washing machine easy for everyone. The Kenmore 2800 white top-load washing machine is one such model you should consider for your small to medium household needs. It has all the features you will ever need at a price that definitely won't break the bank.

Interior Features
  • This model has an I.E.C equivalent capacity of 4.3 cubic feet, perfect for small to medium-sized households. A built-in detergent dispenser system will allow effective use of detergents to thoroughly clean your clothes.
  • The wash plate and wash basket inside this model moves in opposite directions to effectively clean your laundry, while requiring less water and detergents. With this unit's high-efficiency wash plate, you don't have to fill the washing machine with water to the brim to get the cleaning results you need.
  • The QuietClean technology built into this appliance, essentially the installation of extra sound-insulating materials at the bottom of the washer, will guarantee that this machine's operating noise levels remain at a constant minimum.

    Exterior Features

  • The top-loading design of this washing machine makes the unit easy to use and maintain. Also, a full set of exterior controls and
    indicators are included to deliver utmost convenience and ease of use.
  • The elegant design and classic white exterior finish allows this model to blend in nicely with your other home appliances, while providing years of rust-free use. A built-in drawer for your detergent is built into the frame of the appliance, making it very easy for you to add more detergent during use.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26 1/4 inches
    Height: 43 7/8 inches
    Width: 27 1/8 inches
    Total capacity: 4.3 cu. ft. (I.E.C. equivalent capacity)


  • This washing machine offers exceptional performance with a compact design that should fit even in small laundry areas.
  • The top-loading design provides an easy way to load and unload your laundry during use.
  • This model has a full complement of exterior controls and indicators that makes it supremely easy to use.
  • The QuietClean technology built into this unit allows the washer to operate silently, without intruding on your serene home environment.
  • This washing machine is designed not only to save on energy use but to limit the use of other resources as well, making it a very practical choice.


  • The washer's interior washing capacity limits its use to small- and medium-sized households.
  • There are other less-expensive models with roughly the same interior capacity in the market.


  • elegant design
  • quiet operation
  • cleans your clothes effectively
  • easy to use
  • compact frame


  • limited cleaning capacity per operating cycle
  • pricier than washers from other brands with the same capacity

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  • Comments for Kenmore 2800 White Top-Load Washing Machine, 4.3 Cu. Ft

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    Dec 16, 2013
    worse machine ever
    by: Anonymous

    I bought this unwashing machine in March 2013. What a nightmare. My whites are getting dingy and simple stains like maple syrup need to be washed 3 times before it fades away. The soak cycle is real joke when the clothes are not even wet. It is a piece of junk. This model needs to be recalled. I should phone W-5 and market place. It might make Sears move on this issue. I am buying another machine but not though Sears. This machine, I can't even put on the side of the road with a sign "Take me" because it doesn't wash! No wonder Sears is going under.

    Sep 06, 2013
    by: Anonymous

    This machine lasted 13 months, now I am having all the problems that everyone else seems to be having. Very poor performance for cleaning, very poor performance for spinning out, I have to reset this piece of crap several times to get a load of laundry through it. Whites come out dirtier than when they go in, colors have funky odors... I couldn't be more disappointed. Repair estimates are outrageous through Sears and from what I have read, repairs only work for a short time before the machine malfunctions again.
    This was supposed to be an energy saver but when you clothes have to be washed 3 or 4 times and they don't spin out as they should so they spend extra time in the dryer... well... could you possibly get a machine that is more energy INEFFICIENT?
    I am not only disappointed, I am disgusted. Obviously this is a huge problem with this model and Sears should stand behind their product, acknowledge these issues and make it right with their customers if they expect that anyone will ever return to their store to purchase so much as a pair of underwear!

    Jan 14, 2013
    If I could give it zero starts, I would
    by: Anonymous

    The only bigger piece of crap than this I have seen is at the zoo. We have had to call service on this thing 8 times in 2 years. This is horrible. It won't complete a cycle, sometimes leaving clothes drenched and soapy and at other times doesn't even get them wet at all. We open the lid and some clothes are still dry. Sears replaced our first unit and gave us another of the same one. Same problems. Horrible

    Apr 10, 2012
    by: Anonymous

    WAS loyal Kenmore customer. Replaced 20 yr old Kenmore washer when purchased this washer and matching dryer (our dryer broke, but washer still worked fine). This washer leaves soap stains on clothes, ruining the clothes. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT, DOES NOT PERFORM!

    Aug 17, 2011
    top loader
    by: Anonymous

    this machine doesn't remove all the soap from the clothes, I have to keep using the 2nd rinse cycle and very less detergent but the results are not fabulous.I am very disappointed.

    Jun 18, 2011
    Top Loader
    by: Anonymous

    Bleach stains can be left on loads after using bleach. Does not do a good job cleaning.

    Jan 13, 2011
    You are not consistent in your comments
    by: Mitch

    This machine has a 4.3 Cu. Ft. capacity and you say:

    "The washer's interior washing capacity limits its use to small- and medium-sized households."


    "limited cleaning capacity per operating cycle"

    But on the smaller Kenmore 800 (2982) with a 4.0 Cu. Ft. capacity you say:

    "Pro: High capacity"

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