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Kenmore 27 in Super Capacity Laundry Center 97912

by LadyBlueSilver

One day my husband announced his job needed him to move to another city. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a house and had to rent an apartment instead. Which meant I had to get a washer/dryer combo. Ultimately, I ended up getting a Kenmore 27 inch Super Capacity Laundry Center with an Electric Dryer as there were no gas hook-ups in the apartment.

I purposely got the stack because I had to put it in a small closet-like space. It just barely fit in the space alloted. Unfortunately, I found out the first time I turned it on that it was a very noisy machine which I certainly wasn't expecting. Some noise yes, but not as much as this one was producing. I thought the 3.0 cu. ft. tub for the washer would be big enough to do all my laundry but I found out differently. I was unable to wash any of my blankets properly. They were too much for my machine and the belt broke even though I was told it could handle that kind of washing. But that also meant the dryers tub could not dry my blankets.

Although having the five different temperature choices is nice. I have also discovered, to my annoyance, that the washer tangles up my clothes alot. Which can make it difficult to get them out properly. Plus it's hard to keep the softener dispenser cleaned. With the dryer, not only is the tub too small, the lint trap is too. Every time I open up the dryer I find lint clinging to the door and usually several articles of clothing. And my clothes seemed to be coming out more wrinkled than when I put them in the dryer. Supposedly this dryer has a sensor to help keep your clothes from overdrying but I'm not sure how well that works. My clothes don't seem overdry in any way, just wrinkled. A

nd once in awhile, the clothes don't fully dry in the time alloted even though I may have just done a load that was bigger that was perfectly dried. I will say there are a few good things about this set. It features a drying rack where I put my sweaters to dry. And I can hang all my clothes up before moving them into my closet. But other than that, I can't recommend this washer/dryer combo. It just isn't a great value for your dollar in my opinion.

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Jan 04, 2017
lint on clothes NEW
by: Anonymous

i have a new stackable washer and dryer > i have gone through many kenmore washers and dryers in the last 60 yrs and this is the first one i am not satisfied with > it leaves the dark loads with lint over them . i tried everything very little soap and even double rinse not as much when i double rinsed . any suggestion .

Nov 05, 2010
frustrated with Sears
by: Anonymous

Apr 16, 2010
we bought ours may 2009 and just about to go out of 1 year warranty. Now when it pumps the water out to rinse the pump sounds like its trying to grind up rocks. Called the 800 number in manual for repair and after being passed around to 8 people I was able to schedule an repair appointment. It gets worse they tell me they only do repairs in my area on Tuesdays and they are booked up and wont be here for 3 weeks. I will never buy appliances from Sears again.

Apr 22, 2009
Kenmore laundry Center
by: Anonymous

We purchased the 9712 a few months ago. Performance has been very good thusfar. Slow wash cycles (knit, gentle) are loud--louder than normal and heavy duty wash cycle. Otherwise, we have been pleased with the performance.

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