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Kenmore 2600 White Top-Load Washing Machine, 4.3 cu. ft.

CEE Tier III Rating, 800 RPM

CEE Tier III Rating, 800 RPM

Interior Features

  • This model offers an I.E.C. equivalent capacity, 4.3 cubic feet of interior cleaning space. This will allow you to clean more with less operating cycles.
  • The innovative High Efficiency wash space built into the unit will clean your clothes with the least amount of water and detergents consumed. It is guaranteed to save you water compared to other competing brands.
  • A controlled detergent dispensing system will allow you to control how much detergent you use per cycle to match the fabric type of your clothes.
  • This top-loader is equipped with a good set of wash settings and options. It has up to four wash temperatures, three motor spin speeds, as well as standard and special cycles to suit different types of load.

    Water Temperatures:
    Exterior Features

  • The compact design should not intrude on your laundry area, while the elegant white exterior finish should provide years of rust-free use.
  • The built-in detergent drawer will allow you to completely control the cleaning effectiveness of the washer. A complete set of exterior indicators and controls are included in the unit to provide you with full control over the operating parameters of the appliance.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 26 1/4
    Height: 43 7/8 inches
    Width: 27 1/8 inches
    Total capacity: 4.3 cubic feet (I.E.C. equivalent capacity)


  • The washer's white exterior finish simply looks elegant.
  • The 4.3 cu. ft. interior capacity allows you to clean more clothes with less operating cycles.
  • The high efficiency wash plate inside this unit will effectively clean your clothes, while saving water and detergents compared to a traditional washing machine of the same capacity.
  • The washer offers lower utility costs through its efficient design and operating performance.
  • The compact frame of this model should be an excellent addition to your home laundry area.


  • This model is slightly more expensive than competing models with the same interior capacity.
  • The sensitive electronic controls included in this unit will require specialized maintenance in case of failure, increasing the unit's maintenance and repair costs.
  • The washer's capacity is only ideal for small households.
  • The unit tends to generate a lot of noise during operation.


  • automated controls
  • elegant design
  • effective performance
  • convenient top-loading design
  • savings on electricity costs


  • more expensive than competing brands
  • more expensive to repair and maintain
  • limited interior capacity for bigger households

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  • Comments for Kenmore 2600 White Top-Load Washing Machine, 4.3 cu. ft.

    Average Rating starstar

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    Oct 18, 2013
    poor quality - won't clean
    by: Anonymous

    agree with all others - it doesn't clean, wads clothes up, often out of balance - complete piece of crap

    Sep 17, 2013
    Ruined Towels
    by: Anonymous

    Very disappointed in this washer!! It does not clean the clothes properly, sometimes leaving lint,pet hair and suds on the clothes. Takes too long to wash on certain cycles like 1 1/2-2 hrs??. I use the Heavy Duty button for towels as stated and they become tangled/twisted so that the binding lets go on the edge and certain towels are now picky as if the threads are all pulled. My towels are ruined. It sometimes pulls at the elastic or any loose threads in your clothes as well. I would definately not recommend buying this washer. So sorry I purchased this washer.

    Jul 09, 2013
    Fragile machine
    by: Anonymous

    2years old one repair at 11 months. Actuator was replaced. 2nd repair at 20 months 440 dollar repair estimate including another actuator

    Feb 23, 2013
    Still smelly
    by: Anonymous

    One year old model 2600 HE. Follow all instructions and clothes come out still smelling as if not washed. Seems as if there is not enough water being used. Just my opinion. Ready to take it to the dump.

    Oct 11, 2012
    purchased May 31, 2012. Still not sure!
    by: Anonymous

    I have to still wash by hand my whites, summer clothes. Spot wash pant pockets, my tee shirt underarms, (still smells like deodorant). My son is a plumber so the work clothes have to be washed well. I had to rewash again. I couldn't see the water, there was so little. I washed 8 ft long white wall curtain 2 times. I could still see the yellow dirt marks. I believed the salesman too much. He convinced me this was the best machine. Just make sure you buy insurance on it for repairs. When I wash, I always pause to see the water level and it's always different. And yes it's more wrinkled then before. One good thing, black athletic expensive designer wear (my son's and husband's) comes out no detergent white powder marks. Too scared to wash the dog bed because of above remarks. Again best advice - buy insurance.

    Mar 21, 2012
    may as well use old style wash board
    by: Anonymous

    Same problems as other reviewers with clothes still dirty, or sopping wet, or soap marks, always have to pre-wash/scrub stains by hand...but can't use much soap or stain remover! Read & follow manual. 2 female adults-me & tenant use & dislike washer-& have done laundry forever.
    In process of trying to return but what a process...and my Mom-Grandma-bought it and customer forever and isn't impressed with service.....will take washer back for credit only and charging almost 200$ for I don't know what since we have to arrange own delivery of it at our expense! Technician had come to check and just kept saying that instructions have to be followed perfectly and said to use Tide, even though I use HE detergent-environmentally friendly. Spend way too much time doing laundry now having to be so cautious in what gets washed with what! Should be fun when my boys start doing laundry since any man I've known just shove the clothes in with all colors, types etc. Don't buy unless you want to go back to university to get another degree in how to use this so clothes a spec clean or have lots of time on hands.

    Mar 12, 2012
    Love it!
    by: Anonymous

    After reading a lot of negative reviews of this washer, I was afraid I had made a big mistake, but after using it I absolutely love it. I've been using my regular liquid detergent and have not found any marks on the clothing or that the machine isn't using enough water. I'm pleased with the washer plate that there are no more tangled or twisted items allowing the clothes to move more freely. Recently washed a king comforter with no problems at all. I highly recommend this washer.

    Nov 19, 2011
    Pet Hair Untouched
    by: Anonymous

    I have some cats and a dog whom I hug and play with regularly. Im accustomed to a lint trap full of hair in exchange for clean clothes. These HE (Hyped and Exhorbinate) units leave every bit of pet hair on my clothes, and add a few dabs of other random lint for variety. Awful junk...

    Sep 06, 2011
    Extremely Poor Washer
    by: Anonymous

    Our top loader with the agitator in the middle had to retire. With our budget, the Kenmore suits well. Unfortunately, it did not serve its purpose very well. Extremely disappointed.

    1) clothes are more wrinklely than before

    2) doesnt wash well (im a pet groomer, and with the old machine, fur washes away. The new machine doesn't)

    3) the drain/spin doesn't work properly. I had to re-drain/spin 1-2 times after the normal wash to ensure all water are spung out or else you would find a pile of water about 30cm high at the bottom :(

    4) I tried to pause, but the door wouldn't allow me to open. and once pause, the machine doesn't just continue, but it will cycle thru from the beginning.

    5) sensing is a big issue. When you choose an option that does not match the weight of the clothes in the washer, it will just pause. You would expect your load to be done when it actually hasn't.

    6) the normal wash takes aprox 1.5-2hour to complete the cycle. not 45 mins

    7) Cannot take heavy load as it will not clean well and spin well

    Very disappointed. Will HIGHLY NOT Recommand!

    May 17, 2011
    More for the experienced launderer
    by: Anonymous

    I was very excited at the thought of a top load HE washer. I have been very disappointed. While it is efficient in terms of saving water and energy costs... it is lousy when it comes to getting clothes clean.
    Even after being very particular about how to load the washer and greatly reducing a load size, items are coming out with detergent stains, dirt not even touched by the water and no removal of lint/pet hair.
    I have done everything that Kenmore and sears suggest but to no avail. The true test was when i took 2 dish drying towels, i got then dirty by cleaning the bottoms of our shoes, applied pre wash stain remover, added the HE detergent ran the cycle and voila! no change in the dirt on the towels when the load was done.
    Not impressed.

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