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Kenmore 24 inch Space Saver Laundry Center

by Brittany Swain
(Anniston, AL, USA)

I bought a Kenmore stackable 24 Inch Space Saver Laundry Center about 6 months ago. This is a really great washer. It even fits a king sized comforter and actually gets it clean. I wash about 9 loads of laundry a week with two infants and this washer stands up great. It has a separate compartment for bleach. I like the different cycles that it offers for delicates and heavy duty to get dirt out of work clothes and spit up out of baby clothes and blankets. It washes clothes very quickly and fits a lot of clothes into a small space. There is no smaller washer that I looked at that I think I would be happy with.

The washer takes up a very small amount of space and does a great job. I have it sitting in my basement hallway and it is easy to get around. The tub is deep but not so deep that it is difficult to get clothes out of the bottom.

The different cycles take good care of your clothes. My only complaint is sometimes the rinse cycle does not completely rinse the soap from the clothes, you may have to use two rinse cycles. Otherwise it is very reliable.

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Apr 16, 2010
very happy
by: Anonymous

I have been using my washer /dryer for 5 years and it is still in good condition. I get clean clothes each time I use it. The good thing is I can even wash the clothes in cold water...a good energy saver.

The settings are good. I can use heavy duty, regular wash or light wash. I can select full load or light load...saves some water and energy too. The washer is good but I am not completely satisfied with my dryer. It takes lot of time to dry the clothes...a lot of energy. Especially the jeans don’t get dried fast.

I dry some of my clothes in sunlight in summer but in winter I have to use the dryer every time. It works well for not so thick clothes but for clothes such as bed sheets or jeans, I have to run the machine a little longer.

For the first 2 years the washer/dryer used to work quietly but later on it began making lots of noise. But I am okay with the sound as I close the door of the Washer/dryer room while it is operating.

One thing I like the most about my dryer is it dries in such a way, I do not have to press my clothes. The dryer does it for me. Saves time and energy for me. I use it heavy duty once or twice every day as I have 3 kids. They dirty their clothes often. I am still happy with it as it is still working even after 5 years of rigorous use and in fine condition.

Feb 10, 2010
Good price, not cluttered
by: Brittany Swain

I bought this washer/dryer unit at Sears when we remodeled our basement. I wanted more space in my laundry area and this space saver design delivered. There would be room for this unit even in the smallest of apartments.

It does a great job. I have a king size comforter and even though it is not a super capacity unit it still gets it dry all the way through without having to be turned back on again.

The buzzer could be louder because you can't really hear it unless you are already in the downstairs part of our house. The dryer stands up to the laundry demands of a family with two small kids and does well. I never have to turn a load on for a second time, not even thick towels.

I would highly recommend this dryer to anyone. I especially like the lint trap, it is easy to get to and easy to empty.

This is a great dryer for the price and takes up less space than the one that I used to have. It is stacked on top of the washer but I can still get the clothes in and out easily even though I’m not very tall. Anyone in the market should give it a try.

Dec 05, 2009
Good but not reliable
by: Dave

This Kenmore machine is not that good, after using it for 5 years the dryer stopping heating but still tumbles. Now my clothes take forever to dry!

Jul 16, 2009
very unsatisfied
by: Anonymous

- Its small footprint. You'll be able to squeeze this baby in tight places.

- It had a dual action agitator.

The list of things we hated about this unit is longer but I'll give you our top two.

- This thing was loud. Wherever you put this thing it better be far away from your ears. Lots of noise.

- It didn't clean clothes well. We often had to wash clothes in a second rinse to get the soap off.

We rate this unit a 1 out of ten. We would rate it lower if we could. Never another Sears washer and dryer for us.

We have always been happy with Kenmore appliances in the past but this time the Kenmore Space Saver Combo unit really let us down. We have never had so much trouble with a washer and dryer. It seemed that the problems never ended. Myself or my wife were always complaining.

What we did like about this combo unit was that it fit in our closet easily. We put it in there, plugged it in, hooked up the water and the drain and we were off to the races. The combo unit fired right up and we were off to the races. That was as good as it got. We were all downhill from there.

It's sad that we can't say enough bad things about this combo unit. We hate to have to do that but we were so unsatisfied.

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