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Kenmore 2.1 cu ft Top Load Washer

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Product Overview

The Kenmore 2.1 cu ft top load washer is a compact machine that will give you the same performance as a regular size machine with all of the size convenience of the compact features.

The machine features the Quiet Pak insulation to allow for quiet use in your home. There are four wash cycles, and three speed combinations on this machine allowing you to wash every type of fabric and load of laundry that you could have.

Two water levels on the machine allow you to choose the setting that best accommodates your load of laundry. Three temperature settings gets your laundry sparkly clean and the Quiet Pak allows you to use this washer in any area of your home.

The machine comes with the hardware to allow you to hook the washer up to your sink for the convenience of a washer even when you don't have the washer hookups in your home. This is the perfect choice for apartments or in places where space is a premium.

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• Small size for apartment use

• Washes as well as a regular size washer

• Softener dispenser for easy use

• Durable and built to last

• Outstanding appearance for any room in your home

• Sink hookup for those without washer hookups in their home

• Great features allow you to wash every type of fabric and laundry load

• High quality machine

• Value for your money

• Large capacity for a smaller machine
• No indicator knob to display the part of the cycle that the machine is running in

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Final Thought

Kenmore is a great name for small compact washing machines. If you live in an apartment and are tired of taking your laundry out to a laundromat in your building or worse driving it to the laundromat, this is the machine for you.

It has sink hookups allowing you to hook it up when you need to use it and put it away when you are finished.
The deceptively small machine will hold a great amount of laundry for a small machine.

Automatic fabric softener dispensers and bleach dispensers give you worry free washing and the quiet machine can be used at any time of the day or night.
Built to last, the Kenmore 2.1 cu washer will be in your home for many years of quiet and efficient washing.

The machine comes with casters allowing you to move it about or you can set it up in a permanent location. There is also a matching dryer which completes your wash and dry needs.

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